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Wednesday Milan Musings

I have to admit when I woke up this morning and saw this, I almost passed out:

MILANO, 8 settebre - "Kakà all'Inter? E' una bella idea". Così il presidente dell'Inter, Massimo Moratti, sull'indiscrezione del Corriere dello Sport - Stadio relativa all'ipotesi dell'acquisto dell'ex milanista Kakà da parte dei nerazzurri a gennaio. "L'ho letto questa mattina sui giornali -ha detto Moratti-, è una bella idea, ma non è venuta a noi".

If you can't read Italian it basically says Moratti doesn't mind the idea of having Kaka come to Inter...then came Fester's response...

Galliani non si ferma più "Vorrei Balotelli rossonero" L'a.d. del Milan: "Abbiamo fatto ottimi affari con Raiola, di Mario non abbiamo parlato ma non nascondo che un giorno mi piacerebbe vederlo in maglia rossonera. La risposta dei tifosi dimostra che è tornato l'entusiasmo, ora sarà Allegri a decidere se giocare con due, tre, quattro punte"

Again sorry if you can't read Italian, but it seems like Fester has gotten rather chummy with Zlatan's agent, Raiola, a guy who actually is considered a fool and an idiot in footballing circles, and because of this we have an inside track to Mario Balotelli. More alarming is the last sentence claiming Allegri needs to decides if you he plays two three of four we go...

OK, so if you are like me at this point you are scratching your head. If you tend to err on the side of fanboyism then you are giddy with excitement, but please, hold your excitment. Not but 8 weeks ago the idea being preached at Milanello was fiscal responsbility and the goal of positioning Milan for a bright and self sufficient future. Where did that all go and what have we done in the process!?

Getting in bed with Raiola was not really the best move in the business, yes his stable of two players, Balotelli and Zlatan, is impressive, but his negotiation tactics and loud mouth make him more of an nuissance than an asset. He also has a way of making sure his players are paid exorbitant wages, which I will discuss further in a second. It is all well and good if Milan have a fast track to Balotelli but do we really want to add the terrible tantrum throwing Italian to the mix of already emotionally challenged egos on this team?? As it stands we are already on a slippery slope of making sure players have ample playing time and "feel wanted." Isn't that precarious chemistry dangerous enough as it is?

Now to delve into the utter lack of fiscal responsibility at Milan this summer. Yes it is an election year, and it is actually far more prudent for Silvio to spend money on Milan and lock in the tifosi votes, then to spend it on campaign advertising. Typical campaign advertising costs in Italy are upwards of 100-200 Million Euros, buying Zlatan and Robinho cost far less. So most tifosi are convinced, and old Silvio gets a few million votes in return, smart business. But what happens long term? With the purchase of Zlatan and Robinho, Milan now have the highest wages in Serie A, a dubious honor, especially if you don't win anything. Not to mention that Zlatan, Ronaldinho, Pirlo, Pato, Flamini and Robinho make up some of Serie A's highest paid players. How can this be sustained, and why suddenly the turn in spending if only a few months ago we were dead broke!? If you haven't noticed I don't like being lied to...

As Milan take the field on Saturday against Cessena, consider this. Zlatan makes more money himself, around 9M Euros (Net), then the entire payroll of Cessena. Steven Appiah, former Ghana Captain and International player, will line up opposite Milan Saturday earning a paltry 150K Euros!! How is that for some perspective? Now I can't fault a player for exorbitant wages, the foolishness rests with the Club that pays them, but now that Milan is top of the spending list, it means this winning some this season becomes all the more important, or breaking the bank and our future will be all for naught.