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Lazio 1 Milan 1

During the matches I often keep a running log of notes, so in lieu of a full review (I have to run to a training session and have a match tomorrow evening) I figured I would just share my notes. They are sequential and have not been edited to any great degree, so forgive their seemingly sporadic nature, they are after all notes!

-Milan has not lost to Lazio since 1998

-Lazio’s Angolese RB Cavanda is playing in only his second game, by all rights Ronaldinho should school him, the inconvenient truth, kid probably has pace, and that is all you need to beat the Brazilian.

-My initial reaction on seeing Milan’s lineup was a 4-3-1-2 with Seedorf in the hole and Boateng at LM, but instead it is just a 4-3-3…so much for trying something new. Hopefully he makes that shift…

-Zambro at LB means width on that side won’t probably happen, and Foggia should have room to run at Zambro.

-Zlatan goes through early, but his he apparently left his finishing boots at home, funny…I could have sworn he was brought in to finish!?

-The formation at times appears like an XMAS tree with Boateng pinching back and in, even marking a man, not sure what Ronaldinho is doing though?

-It frustrates me that everyone on this team looks to Prince to make runs, why can’t anyone else move their feet!

-Rino gets a yellow for pulling Mauri’s hair basically, but Abate was the one who did not get back and neither player was capable of getting into a proper covering position.

-Milan’s 3 man midfield is struggling with possession against Lazio’s 5 man midfield, not a good sign this early in the match, Lazio closing down quickly and often winning possession.

-Great combo passing by Lazio forcing a third good save from Abbiati, but they have space in the midfield and are using it well.

-Zlatan being triple marked but refuses to play quickly and get the ball off his feet, no one but Boateng looking to do anything with any sense of urgency.

-Couldn’t be more impressed with Cavanda at this point, he looks to be unmoved by our “champions.’’It infuriates seeing everyone grooming RBs/LBs and we are still paying Oddo…

-First half over, Milan lost the midfield and chances were few and far between by both teams with Abbiati be forced to work more than Muslera.

-Floccari shows some great skill but Abbiati with an easy save, too much space afforded to a striker who has made Milan pay in the past.

-Both teams playing far more compact this half, Milan absolutely needed it.

-Lazio has done very well to close off all passing lanes in and around the 18, they are holding their channels and doing a great job defending without the customary ten-man defense.

-Milan has made far too many hopeful chips into the 18, making the defenders job very easy.

-Finally a moment of magic, Seedorf plays a great through ball and Zlatan finds the back of the net slipping through Muslera and two defenders. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a GOAL! Milan need to galvanize here and not concede.

-Zlatan scores and suddenly finds legs to run and tackle!

-Flamini on for Gattuso, first appearance for the Frenchman and needs to show some worth here.

-Reja brought on Rocchi and now Zarate, really looking to equalize, should create space in the midfield to possess the ball and kill the game.

-Since Zarate has come on it is Milan defending with ten men.

-Hernanes gets by Nesta and Price with Abate down, plays a perfect ball to Floccari on the top of the six and Milan are back level with work to do, I can’t fault Lazio for pushing the issue, and now they look very dangerous, silly excuses when the ball could have been tackled by two players.

-Antonini on for Abate, swaps sides with Zambro.

-Floccari burns Zambro, plays Rocchi, and Milan very lucky, Milan
playing on their heels now with Lazio flying down the pitch, wouldn’t be surprised to see another goal for Lazio here.

-Robinho in for Clarence, Boateng should drop and a 4-3-3 should be in order with Robinho wide right.


-Hernanes with another great shot, no one closes down and Abbiati looking bothered.

-Last minute of regular time and Milan can’t complete a pass around the 18, five minutes of injury time nail-biting.

-Zlatan to nonchalant on a through ball dispossessed and Lazio break, Zambro to the rescue.

-Robinho dispossessed just the same, can’t fathom the lack of urgency or caring.

-BOATENG BLOCKED ON A VOLLEY! Oh he certainly deserved the goal for all his effort.

All and all another supremely frustrating performance, disjointed attack, no real link through the midfield and the passing was still poor. If you dissect portions of the game there was really little to be pleased, work rate was poor accept for Abate and Prince and the rest of the squad continues to look listless and disinterested. At this point a full five points behind Inter and you can take your patience and stick it because we are not making even making strides towards improvement. Thankfully another game is on the horizon and things can be fixed, but I lack the faith that they will...