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Mixed Emotions

Before I get my tactics piece up tomorrow, I need to rant. This is not necessarily a positive or negative, but more a meandering strand of thoughts and mixed emotions from easily the craziest week I have endured as a fan of this Club.

A few weeks ago, we were effectively left for dead, our only notable transfers were Sokratis and Boateng, neither World beaters, and our team looked out of sorts. New coach, new system, and players coming to training out of shape and mentally under prepared. But as preseason went on things started to change, a sense of pace was instilled in the tactics and as the first game drew near even our transfer news started to get “faster.” In the span of around 72 hours Milan had pulled of two of the most amazing transfer market coups this decade basically getting Zlatan and Robinho for a steal, but more importantly far less than they are actually worth! We may have doubted Berlu and Fester, and while I am still not sold on their shiny presents for the fans, the moves must be applauded.

Let’s be frank here though, at least for myself I need to be honest; I don’t like these players, neither of them. When I look at guy like Kaka, the humility, the demeanor, and the mentality on and off the pitch are all the things you look for in a footballer. When I see Robinho and Zlatan, I see, in a sense, the anti-Kaka, and while I don’t think this is terrible, I fear a bit the cohesion and chemistry of a team with so many egos. The one thing that always cures a problem such as this one is winning, and going from mid table flounders to very real contenders in less than a week should help. It needs to be said that both Robinho and Zlatan will most likely feast on the Serie A minnows, but the true test will come in the CL group stage and see if Allegri and his shiny new toys can get the job done.

Was a bit sad to see Borriello go, but this helped alleviate the sadness. So now we move on with a new look Milan, an attacking Milan, not really my cup of tea, but who knows maybe in a few months we will have Inter in our wake and even a defensive minded guy like myself will be a believer…but only time will tell.

On a side note, I am still learning and struggling with the new comments system. This is a change for a lot of sites here on the Offside so we are all getting used to it. My comments will no longer show my name but my profile ID/USERNAME gb383, until I can find way to change it! If you are having problems let me know I will try and make sure all comments are approved from regular readers and that we can avoid a lot of spam going forward.