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What Would You Pay for an Orange Traffic Cone?

News out of the boot today is that KJH is on his way to Schalke for 15M Euros. While this is still just an unconfirmed rumor it brought up an interesting point from Moka:

"GF it’s not a need for a striker. It’s the fact that KJH might leave and without KJH, we lack depth up front with only Borriello, Pato, Inzaghi and a couple of kids. Allegeri said he wants a midfielder if possible."

So it leads me to ask a few questions:

1. If the sale does go through for 15M and Milan can spend the money what do you spend it on?
2. Do we need striker depth with Primavera players on the ready?
3. Can anyone explain to me why management does not see the fact that we don't need to chase strikers!??!

For me it is rather simple, let us go out and get the CAM that Allegri and his 4-3-1-2 so desperately needs. For those fearing the playing time of Ronaldinho he can be employed as a striker when Allegri sees fit. As for depth we can easily call upon Baretta or Oduamadi throughout the season. I guess someone just has to convince KJH now...