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Abandon All Hope

Today as the team reconvened at Milanello our estemeed Owner and President decided to open his mouth, this is what came out (as summed up by Football Italia):

Silvio Berlusconi had plenty to talk about today as Milan started pre-season training – including the future of Ronaldinho and some tactical advice for boss Max Allegri.

The Italian Prime Minister spoke on a wide variety of issues as the Rossoneri began 2010-11 in earnest.

Questioned about whether Ronaldinho was on the verge of joining Flamengo, the Rossoneri owner insisted he was going nowhere.

“There is nothing to discuss about Ronaldinho, there are no doubts about his future,” he proclaimed.

“He will play for Milan until he retires from the game. He is the greatest player of all-time and the number one attraction at this club.”

Berlusconi has been criticised for a perceived lack of investment in the squad by disgruntled fans, but he maintains the Diavolo will be competitive this term.

“The squad is good enough and can compete with everyone else,” he declared.

“I ask any of you to name a team which has more class than ours given that we have Ronaldinho, Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf and Alexandre Pato.

“You can’t win always, but we haven’t done too badly over the last few years. We are second behind a very rich Inter, but ahead of Roma.

“No family in Italy has invested as much money as the Berlusconi one. In the last seven years, we have added €461m – more than €60m a year. In 25 years I have invested a thousand million.

“If there is a buyer with the passion that my family have had for the last 25 years then I would consider selling, but I haven’t found that person. Therefore I will keep Milan with passion.”

Massimiliano Allegri is the tactician who Berlusconi has asked to deliver success and the new man can be in no doubts as to what he is expected to produce.

“He looks like he should be a film star, but instead he is a great Coach,” Berlusconi added.

“We see things in him which make him ideal to lead this team. He has just one mission – to win in every competition that we enter.

“We should always be in command on the pitch, in charge of the game, collecting victories in an entertaining and spectacular fashion.”

Berlusconi also offered the former Cagliari boss some tactical advice ahead of the new campaign.

“I don’t want to see just one striker up front, but two,” he noted before criticising former boss Leonardo.

“Keeping Pato out wide last term was something that I just didn’t understand. Out there he was forced to dribble past three or four players.”

This actually hit me like a punch to the stomach. To sum up everything wrong with this would take more words than I can muster at the moment. In the span of 100 words he calls Ronaldinho the greatest player of all time, says Ronaldinho is Milan for life (after two years of average of service and no silverware) and refers to Seedorf as a Class player. Piss away the present, kiss goodbye the future, and slap the face if the past. It is clear that the direction of this Club no longer belongs with those who understand the game, but a senile owner, whose love for a player is greater than his love for a team, its rich history, and its fans. I was planning a tactics post for this afternoon but my level of disgust and disappointment will keep me from all things Milan for at least a day or two...