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Announced at 9AM EST on the, Massimiliano Allegri has signed a two year deal to be the next Coach of AC Milan. FINALLY...

I am not going to go in to detail about Allegri at this time, I plan to do so with a tactics piece on Tuesday. For now I want to share my relief for the end of what has been a frustrating 30 days or so to be a fan of this Club. With Allegri comes hope of a real transfer window, a new policy and optimism with our youth, and the collective rebuilding of a team that is a farce and joke in the eyes of fans across Italy and Europe. My biggest wish is that he abolishes the links to all of the "has-been champions" and that he knocks some sense into the brass giving him the time and confidence to instill a system and identity.

I can deal with a mediocre season or even two, knowing that the team is rebuilding for a better future in the image of great Milan teams of old. Not this delusional, marketing gimmick of a team we have the pleasure of enjoying...WELCOME ALLEGRI AND BEST OF LUCK, WE SURE NEED IT!