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Rossoneri in South Africa, Game 2

The sheer underwhelming performances from our boy's continues. Some have yet to see a minute of action, and while it was expected, it continually reinforces the fact that our Club is a shipwreck:

KJH –Holland 1 Japan 0, brought on for the final two minutes, to kill time. So out of two games he has played roughly 2 minutes, so much for a good World Cup and a spike in value…

Silva – unused substitute in Brazil’s 3-1 win over the Ivory Coast. At least one of former players did something noteworthy, Kaka was shown Red for two yellow card fouls, both rather petulant and unlike the Angelic Golden Boy. I think Trini put it best, Kaka should have asked What Jesus Would Have Done?

Pirlo – Should play in game 3 versus Slovakia. Italy played to an embarrassing 1-1 draw, more embarrassing than the result was the flopping around by the entire team on soft fouls and dainty elbows. I will always support but the simulation is absurd and unwarranted. If you want to beat New Zealand, then do it with the skill on the pitch, plain and simple, unless of course that skill does not exist…

Rino – unused substitute in draw.

Zambro – was given acres of space early in the match, took some shots and made some crosses but none of it was all that good. Not even challenged once defensively, and as the game wore on he wore out.

Adiyiah – unused sub in a 1-1 draw for Ghana.

Gooch – 90 minutes in a 2-2 draw with Slovenia. Was at fault for the first goal, the lack of communication was laughable and he and DeMerit didn’t have a clue who was going to step up. Second goal was a bit of US defensive sham, but in their defense the team was committed to the attack and they lacked any real “fill-in” behind the ball. He did have a much better second half and considering this is only his 180th competitive minute since December his effort is admirable.