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Friday Milan Musings

News out of Milan is slow and in all likelihood unreliable. We are precariously close to nearing our 30th day without a Coach, and the news on that front does not look good. Check the quick hits below for the lack of news:

Coach: A few posts back I fielded some questions as to why I have not posted on Allegri as the new Coach of Milan. To be frank it is because the whole process is terribly drawn out and until I see his face plastered on the official website I am not buying it! It is looking like he may finally be free of his contract but don't hold your breath for an announcement, I don't want to be responsible. There was a time when teams were honored to do business with AC Milan, now they laugh at us and try to take us to the cleaners. Gone are the days of the esteemed and honorable AC Milan. Wonder if we can call Carletto crying and see if he will take us back? I think Fester may have already called Leo...

Paloschi: It is looking increasingly likely that "Pippo of the future" will continue to remain at Parma. First and foremost with the current Pippo not going anywhere soon and the value of KJH plummeting worse than Wall Street; having Paloschi on board will probably be surplus to need. At least if he stays at Parma he can continue to play and continue to gain experience, the only problem I see with this is if he has a great year his value will rise and Parma may try and take Milan to the cleaners like every other Club has attempted (see above). If Fester had half a brain that Co-Ownership contract would be renegotiated so Milan has the upper-hand!

Albertazzi: Speaking of loan it looks like our most promising Primavera CB will be shipped out to Siena on loan. Milan instead, are satisfied with giving minutes to Yepes instead of the youngster who can be groomed for the future and given experience in the first team. Gooch’s good game against England was promising, but I can’t help but think that if Gooch is the first CB off the bench; that Albertazzi still makes a better choice than Yepes, simply based upon the fact that his upside is far greater for the present and FUTURE of the Club. The same Co-Ownership/Loan contract negotiation mentioned above should apply with Siena, any Club takes a shining to a player who belongs to Milan, they should be MADE TO PAY. Donnarumma, Milan’s young keeper, is also set go on loan as well.

Storari: speaking of keepers, Storari is set to come home and it least answers one burning question. Will we have to deal with Dida for another season? Thankfully that looks like a NO.

Blasi: The journeyman midfielder joined the team on the US tour, and now appears to be in talks to sign with the Club. This is by no means confirmed, but again news is slow, DEAD SLOW. He would be a free transfer and provide support for the midfield that lacks depth in a bad way. But again I can’t help but think we can do better with the host of players of available and relatively cheap, but the reality is we are no longer a Club capable of spending even on the “thrift” we are shopping for FREE.