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Too Quiet...

Anyone else a bit perplexed by the silence out of Milanello from the past few days? I know I am. Wouldn’t it be prudent for the Brass to at least issue a statement that they are searching for a Coach? At least with a Coach we could return to some standard of organization and begin to implement the plan to move Milan forward. Until that day I can’t help but think we are losing valuable time for that new Coach if such an interested person exists! Leave it to Milan, more importantly Fester and Co., to get it all wrong yet again.

Ideally at this point, 96 hours after our Coach has left, we should probably have a shortlist together, maybe some interviews, but again silence. Getting a Coach in place is instrumental because it starts a chain reaction fundamental to the rebuilding of this team. A new Coach should first and foremost make his formation very clear, whatever it may be. Once that has been established certain players should be moved out front of Milanello with For Sale signs and clear low ball asking prices or the ever famous OBO (or best offer). Cut the dead weight in an effort to shape the team to the new Coach, and more importantly make room for new players.

Granted many of the new players will come from the Youth Sector, but at least the new Coach should be afforded some time to see which players he believes can contribute immediately to the first team, and by doing so giving a better idea of which of the "old dogs" can be phased out. It is this reason alone that makes a potential Coach like Stroppa or Galli all the more attractive. Who better to lead a team of young players into the first team than their former coaches at the Youth level? If Milan are looking for the fabled Pep effect, than either one of these gentlemen is a far better choice than Leo was before them.

Once a formation is in place and players are in order, the new Coach can use the potential starting lineup as a guide to address holes to be filled with meager transfer dollars available. I would venture a guess at formations and players but at this point we know so little that the lack of knowledge has become unnerving. We have all our ideas and sharing them is A-OK, but at this point I don't even have a clue. I just hope the rebuild is handled properly and the team be built from back to front proper. Never before has such a deafening silence out of Milanello been so scary to me as a Milan fan. I have spent years waiting for Fester and Silvio to shut up, now I can’t wait for them to say something, ANYTHING. Best case scenario the minute this post goes up we have a Coach, worst case scenario we go another day in a state of flux.

I hope to have a season recap post up shortly but have a depth of Coaching obligations on the weekend, I also was waiting for the announcment of the new Coach but I may as well not hold my breath on that one. Thanks in advance for your patience during the "dead air" on the weekend, and I will do my best to get something up before then.