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Hostile Grounds

Losing to Samp really took the wind out of my sails and with a looming trip to Sicily, where Palermo has not lost all year, my optimism has left yet again. To make matters worse Milan will be without Ambrosini and Borriello, two regular starters due to suspension. Bonera is also out, but after last week, I can’t say seeing the pitch for him would be the best of ideas despite a depleted roster. Leo already had his work cut out for him personnel wise, now adding in these missing players only makes matter worse.

Palermo drew last weekend, but that group are still fighting very hard for a chance to capture fourth place and also a chance to see if Lippi will make a Palermo call yet again as he did in 2006 for the World Cup. It goes without saying that a handful of Palermo’s players certainly do deserve a call-up, but seeing that many of them are on the proper side of thirty and are currently in form, it is most likely that Lippi will leave that at home. The problem is that fiery anger of being left out seems to act like a kick in the pants for the fellas in pink, while the boys in red and black seem as emotionless as ever while their call-ups are in question. The beginning of the season saw a reborn Ronaldinho, but as his goal of going to South Africa has been shut down, his play on the pitch has done the same. It makes you wonder where his motivation next season, if any, will come from.

There is often a polarizing debate on this blog regarding the inclusion of youth vs experience, but frankly I have seen enough of the “old guard” putzing around to strongly advocate for some of the Primavera to get a start in a match where even a point is highly unlikely. At this point what does Leo have left to lose? He needs a CB, he needs a striker, and he may even need a midfielder depending on Flamini, so why not throw a few of these guys into the deep end and see if they can swim!? Are they really going to get so "damaged" by giving up a goal or losing a game that it will derail their development, I mean seriously? If Albertazzi plays, can he be anymore at fault than Oddo was for a horrific performance last week? Not to mention if the “kids” can’t stomach a loss or a “tough” game in a hostile stadium are they really the future of this Club!? Sorry, but I can no longer sit back here and watch the old men flounder and still have to listen to this fear of ruining a child…it just doesn’t hold for water for me anymore.

I am not stupid enough to propose Leo’s lineup for Saturday’s match, but It won’t stop me from my adding my two cents to the mix. If I were Leo the lineup is simple:

Abbiati, Abate, Albertazzi, Silva, Ants, Rino, Pirlo, Flamini, Seedorf, Zigoni and Verdi

Dida can’t play again, I don’t see how that has not been established already. Second we ditch Dinho, we just can’t survive in the 4-3-3, especially against a tough team away from home. Play the 4-4-2 and look to knick a goal on the counter. Keep Pippo ready on the bench for the last 25 minutes and pull the young striker who shows the least, it won’t kill him, I promise. With the midfield having a bit of grit and Pirlo able to operate behind Seedorf, maybe, just maybe, we can stay strong in the center of the park and hope to at least take a point home.

Maybe watching the pitiful month of April has left me with a few screws loose, but I can’t see how a lineup like this one can do any worse than the disgrace we have being seeing since this team was within spitting distance to the top of the table…may as well go down swinging…