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Cagliari v Milan Preview

The goal is now very clear, and while it has changed time and time again this season, third place is now a must. This team, despite its faults and shortcomings, has achieved far too much to piss away a top three finish. I no longer believe we can catch Inter, not with the schedule and games ahead, its Roma’s title to lose and if history has taught us anything, fortune is not in their favor, and we will have to see Inter lift yet another title, but Roma does have one thing going for them, Claudio Ranieri, and maybe he finally proves his critics wrong for the good of Serie A!

On the weekend Milan has a trip to Cagliari, a trip by no means guaranteed. Cagliari is fairly safe in the table, but they are team no longer fighting for relegation year in and year out and instead could potentially be fighting for Europa League places in the years to come. Cagliari is also the home to Milan’s Davide Astori, a player highly regarded, and one who should be brought home in an effort to rebuild the core of AC Milan. So pay close attention in that regard.

The problem is, much like the last few games, it is not about Cagliari, but instead about AC Milan. Which teams shows up to play: the team capable of winning or the team that runs around like passionless zombies? Ronaldinho and Pirlo should be back in the fold, and Abbiati should also return to save us from the nightmare Nelson Dida, but unfortunately none of these players assure us the three points we desperately need, sad when even our "saviors" can't save us...

Leo would do well to get back to the 4-3-3, and starting Abbiati, Antonini, Silva, Favalli, Janks, Flamini, Pirlo, Ambro, Abate, Borri, and Dinho is the most logical way to go. This puts the team back in the only comfortable formation they seemed to have played in all season, it also gives us some pace that should help to open up a very well organized Catania. I have to admit I was intrigued by Antonini finishing the game at RB against Lazio and am curious to see how that works. If Leo prefers he play on the left I would rather see Zambro or Oddo on the right and Abate pushed forward, but again this is merely speculation because of the myriad of injuries that will inevitably happen before the weekend!

Without sounding again like a broken record, it really doesn’t matter who plays, they just have to come out hungry. I probably can even muster an argument for playing Abate at RB and Verdi at RW at this point! We have absolutely nothing to lose with a gutsy move like this, and you can even make the argument that it is better for Leo in the long run to give Verdi time considering the fact that both Zambro and Oddo should have no future at the Club other than rarely used backups! The gap between third and fourth is 11 points, and with the rest of the schedule being fairly challenging points in this match are as important as any, let’s just hope this idea isn’t lost where it matters most, the players! Getting points only makes things easier down the stretch and to secure third place and finishing this season with something to build on for the next!