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Bologna 0 Milan 0, My Technical Difficulties

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So my plan to live blog the match this morning was thwarted by my lovely Cable Company as I lost internet for the better part of the morning. So a post match live blog, which was my second intention, became a list of notes out of frustration, back tomorrow with a full recap…

-The white shirts and red shorts just look odd!

-Not sure how this Mancini and Seedorf winning eleven will shake up?

-Dida is back in net, not sure why he was out next week, but changing goalies match after match is detrimental to the defense and Leo needs to pick one and stick with it.

-Favalli gone in favor of Bonera, a week late Leo, a week late!

-Abate with a great tackle, Bologna broke out with pace, I mean real pace and for the first time in what seems like 5 years Milan kept up with Abate and Silva!

-Ambrosini having to work very hard to cover Pirlo and Seedorf

-I know Mudingayi plays for Bologna but that type of player really would benefit Ambro as they can go box to box and revolve around Pirlo. That is where my money would be spent in the offseason.

-In the 19th minute Seedorf is standing less than ten meters from Dinho yet he slams the ball at him with a pass, WTF, it is called a controlled pass Clarence, I am sick of him already and it is only the 19th minute. He looks like a grouchy child out there.

-Mancini gets his first touch in the 20th minute.

-Inter already up two against Cagliari and we can’t even get two shots on Bologna’s net.

-Great interplay with Dinho, Mancini, and then Seedorf doesn’t take a shot. Flamini or Becks, at half, anything is better than Clarence right now.

-Abate having a sharp game defensively but his passes could be more on target.

-So how infuriating is this desire to hold the ball in the 18 and not drill on goal, Marco, Clarence, Mancini, and Pirlo all guilty!

-Dida makes a big save on Di Vaio, he spilled it, but collect nicely. Di Vaio always seems to bring his A-game against Milan. Barely offside, two good chances in less than a minute, if Abate is high on the pitch and Ambro is offset to the left no is covering that space, NOT GOOD.

-Ambrosini goes down in the box, immediately waves his finger for no PK, Bologna upset because it may have been a dive. Could go either way here, Ambro was right to apologize, but he could have kept his feet…

-Pirlo over the ball for a FK, when is the last time he scored one? The wait continues…

-Bologna breaks with venom, our defense keeps up, but Gimenez missed the open runner wide left, Milan just to slow to react.

-FINALLY A SHOT, it took until the 40th, Pirlo barely over the bar, more of that please.

-Poor decisions on the final ball today, a symptom that has played the Club in the past two weeks it seems.

-End of the half, not exactly a stellar performance. Uninventive going forward and poor choices with the final ball, they were able to hold Bologna at bay on the counter, but it only takes one break. Chnges are needed in the second half; specifically Seedorf has to go…Becks? Flamini? Anyone but Clarence!?

-No changes for Milan, Adailton in for Bologna.

-KJH warming up, does that mean we are raising the white flag?

-Bonera with a massive clear early, I am willing to go out on a limb here and say that if Bonera had played last week we would have won…

-Marco turns into the defender and shoots, REALLY!? Turn it outside, cut back, when did a team of professionals become so STUPID!

-Pirlo pisses away possession, Di Viao makes the run but corralled by Antonini, again the pace is the difference. Mistakes my midfielder would probably making their job easier too!

-Milan are used to this type of match, teams give them possession, but the lack of quality chances is infuriating. They immediately lose patience, pass into Seedorf for a roun of pirouettes or kill a long ball into the CB. This repetitive play will get slaughtered by ManU.

-Mancini needs a breather…

-Good communication in the back line today for the offside trap.

-Abate with a solid run and cross, problem is Marco and Dinho were nowhere to be found on the goal mouth run.

-DINHO WITH A PICTURESQUE VOLLEY OFF THE BAR!!!! Nothing beats poor play and bad luck all in the same game!

-Every time Bolgona counters it appears they are being shot out of cannon.

-Mudingayi owns Clarence, are you watching Fester?! A midfielder like this…actually he is probably to busy looking at youtube videos of past their prime CAM’s, the only position we don’t need!

-KJH for Clarence, this should be interesting to say the least, does Dinho or Mancini drop back? I say throw Becks on for Mancini and go to a conventional 4-4-2 with KJH and Marco up top.

-Clarence looks unhappy on the bench, hopefully it is with himself. We don’t need crybabies on our long list of problems.

-Portanova is fired up from a KJH bitch slap, that’s it Hunter assert yourself like a women, I mean man!? Only in Italy does a ref have to restrain a player and still not give a yellow to either guy.

-Speaking of KJH, takes a nice little turn to nowhere, he we have to applaud the turn right, and then he takes a shot wide on goal, have to applaud him there, it is only our third shot on goal!

-Pirlo plays a killer ball to KJH, excellent save from the keeper, everyone will applaud KJH here, but watch the play again with your eyes open, Borriello makes the space by dragging the defender to the right. Go head watch it
again, I dare you, and then we can chat…that’s how strikers work, that is why Dzeko is good HIS PARTNER GRAFITE, it is called a striker partnership, and KJH doesn’t hold up his half of the bargain…he is happy to make the run for the ball, but never to make space…SELFISH…and people want to give him a chance…

-Marco, Mancini, and Abate converge on the same ball, defending each other and lose possession, my favorite team looks like ten year olds.

-Bologna CB’s having more work to do now with two strikers, Milan MUST take advantage.

-Mancini gets two bites of the apple from a good pass from Pirlo to Marco, no goal, another case a of a new super GK playing against Milan…

-Finally Becks on but for Dinho, this is where I can call for Leo’s head right? I mean is Mancini doing more than Dinho, the man looks EXHAUSTED…clearly something is not right here…it is taking every muscle in my body to not throw the remote through the TV…COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Milan commit men forward and Bologna counter with pace and venom, but thankfully get called offside, Bologna really deserved there, I think the call was close and they broke like a team with fire in their eyes, a fire I haven’t seen in our team in since Genoa…

-Handball claims, no call, can’t be all that upset, it was clear but very inadvertent and to bury Bologna on a play like that is a travesty and really unfair. As matter of frank as I can put it, Milan deserved to lose today…

-Wow a very close offside call, again kudos to the defense, but Bologna growing more dangerous late with their pace forward.

-MARCO!?!?!?! Gets the shot off, great turn, but the shot, oh the shot needs to be better!

-Becks has done more in twenty minutes than Mancini has all game, anyone have a report on the location of KJH he has gone MIA yet again!?

-Mancini finally with a cross, Ambro his the cross on a glorious header, no skills, no speed, and no luck, can this team be anymore unlucky.

-Clarence standing to close to Leo for my liking, I hate when players crowd coaches, it just looks bad PERIOD. Last thing this team needs is distractions and big mouthed players, when things are going bad teams need to galvanize not fracture and this teams looks ready to shatter...