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Leo's Conundrum

I am going to keep this preview short and sweet and turn the ball over to you on this one. Leo has quite the unenviable conundrum on his hands, three games in the span of seven days and the task of keeping the team well rotated and match fit. I know for fact if I was him my lineup at Old Trafford would be: Abbiati, Bonera, Nesta, Silva, Ants, Rino, Ambro, Pirlo, Dinho, Borri, Pato with most of you probably in agreement, but how on Earth does this team get rotated appropriately to get that end result in two-week’s time?

Does Seedorf play against the Viola or on the weekend to rest Pirlo? Should Becks see a full 90 in either game? Does anyone even know if Flamini is still on the team??? Can Mancini do his job to spell Dinho? Should KJH hand his boots to a youngster and walk back to Holland?? These are all questions that Leo needs to address before he chooses his lineup for the next three matches, in the meantime how would you handle Leo’s conundrum????? I know a guy that plays in all three...
Abbiati Roar