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Tuesday Milan Musings

Some musings as we lead up to the match against Ajax, I would preview it but it is rather meaningless and the fact that this point I have no idea who Allegri will send out in this match or the Coppa match on the following day so your guess is as good as mine. I will touch briefly on it after the jump:

-Max says he won’t snub Ajax, I wonder if he should? Milan is qualified and for some strange reason I feel like we should push the issue with the Coppa Italia. One thing is for certain, some players will be rested, ie Zlatan, Abbiati, Nesta, and Silva, but Ronaldinho looks a lock. Get your popcorn ready Dinho fans; this may be the last full 90 you see for a while! There was hints that the defense would contain Oddo, Sokratis, Yepes, and Bonera, with that I say poor Amelia, but hopefully Antonini or DeVito see some minutes this week. Antonini should play for the sake of match fitness and his current lack of it, while DeVito is an option because he is supposedly pretty solid and our need for a LB is pressing. At this point anyone but Bonera is the rally cry. For those of you wondering what is happening with Montelongo, see previously Cardaccio and Viudez.

-If the weekend match against Bologna is in fact called off due to strike, the team will be even more rested come the match against Roma. My only fear is such a long layoff may slow some of this momentum, I hope the strike issue is resolved so Max can decide what to do with the next three matches without a strike hanging over his head.

-The more I watch Milan play well with makeshift CAM’s in Prince, potentially Pirlo, or an aging Seedorf, the more I feel like Cassano would bring this team over the top! I know he is a loose cannon, but Allegri has proved capable of dealing with such enigmatic talents and adding Cassano gives us a legitimate playmaker at a very nice price, FREE. I will make one small point here, isn’t it better he comes to Milan than goes to a direct rival like Inter or Juventus?? Cassano in January, Lazzari in the summer, throw in Astori and a LB suddenly this team is starting to look like a real contender.

-For those of you salivating over the potential of Mario Balotelli, wipe the drool. First and foremost unless we lose Pato or Binho to transfer or season ending injury he is surplus to need. You also don’t need his attitude sitting on the bench, granted I was all for Cassano, but Balotelli on the field is one thing; Balotelli whining on the bench is another! Man City and Mancini won’t let him go so easily either, so I think we can all forget that one.

-It is looking increasingly likely that we won’t get a striker a January, which is OK considering the roster has a few. Borriello was bandied about as coming back, which was squashed. Matri was also an option but with Donadoni in charge of Cagliari, who are winning and trying to stave of relegation, this is also a long shot. I wouldn’t read much into any further rumors though.

-There was a time when Inter would consider a player Milan would buy him just to make sure Inter couldn’t. Now that is what I call good business! If ever that should happen, this is one such move. Ranocchia is the closest thing to Nesta I have ever seen and throw him alongside Silva and you have a ten year CB partnership, bring Astori home as well and suddenly your three man rotation is better than some starting pairs. This is what Milan needs to assure future success, fortify the defense the attack will sort itself.