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Kaka Coming Home?

I planned on staying away all weekend, but my coaching life has put me on a personal high as the High School boys team that I coach is officially National Ranked ninth in the NSCAA Adidas National Rankings!! We won an overtime game on Friday evening to capture the ranking and push our record to 10-1. If you are reading boys, keep up the good work and let’s crack the top 5!! With that said, I can’t seem to stay away from the beautiful game or AC Milan, International breaks or not, so it is time we talk a bit about Kaka.

A few years ago when Ronaldinho was brought into the fold purely for the sake of Old Silvio I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that it meant the end of Kaka at AC Milan. While I can’t say it was explicitly true anyone who watched the 2006 World Cup with any sort of critical eye walked away asking the question can these guys possibly play together? Results for Brazil tend to point to no, but it gave management the push it needed to sell Kaka to Real Madrid letting a player who was more than just a player walk out of the Red and Black forever, unless…

Jose Mourinho always has a penchant for freezing someone out of his teams, he did it with Sheva, Balotelli, and now Kaka, and it usually is not long before these players are sent packing. Now I can’t quite tell what Mourinho is doing exactly, maybe making a statement that no player is safe, or that no player is larger than the Club, but doing this to a player like Kaka is puzzling. Yes he has not played well at Real, nor been able to stay healthy, but any Milan fan will tell you how good he can be, and more importantly how utterly humble he can be at the same time.

Enter Uncle Fester, who even saved Sheva from his Mourinho induced purgatory at Chelsea, now looking to do the same thing for Kaka. Let’s first be clear on a few things before we go getting all weepy eyed. Selling Kaka was a very intelligent piece of business; mind you I said business, and nothing having to do with the product on the pitch, which has been average since he left. But Milan sold Kaka in true Arsenal style getting the most for a player at his peak only seeing him decline the minute he left the team, like a new car leaving the lot, Kaka’s value has plummeted since the day he left. Not to mention whoever conducted his medical at Madrid should be fired! So if in the outside chance Kaka does return to Milan, it will certainly be cheaper than the sale price and most likely merely be Real Madrid saving on future payments to AC Milan, but I can’t help but feel this is a continuing step backward for a team stuck in neutral for the past 3 seasons.

I like Kaka, can’t thank him enough for everything he did for this team and these colors, but getting him back will only continue this aging player mentality on a team that can’t seem to shake free of the old ghosts in favor of injecting some new young players. Any money spent on the deal could easily go to reshape the team and add depth to desperately thin positions. Not to mention that even if Ronaldinho skips town, it doesn’t help the constant dilemma of a lack of balance and finding a place for three one trick Brazilians and a giant Swede! In essence it only compounds the problem of no real attacking midfielder and no real depth on the defensive flanks, all and all a bad piece of business. Even if he comes in on loan for next to nothing, it just prolongs the agony of getting the reinforcements so desperately needed for this Club to move forward.
Simply put, I vote NO to Kaka coming back. Even if his choice was to stay in spite of the management wanting to cash in, his time at Milan is finished. The memories, the trophies, the matches, and everything else good coming from his time at Milan will always be there and never forgotten. Who knows maybe Carletto gives him a try in the EPL and the XMAS tree lives to play another game? Now to indulge in one last trip down memory lane...we kept the wrong Brazilian...