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A Quiet Little Trip to Torino

Due to prior coaching commitments and a rather lengthy indoor tournament I will be unable to put together a proper preview. Feel free to check Football Italia and Alessio and Roberto for full previews but here are few quick hits to discuss:

1. Our discussion this week was on a six point week, making it happen is a real possibility, and for as much respect as I have for Juventus I have a bit less for Inter and by the looks of things we are the only team left than can catch them. Sorry Old Lady, but maybe this time you roll over for the good of Calcio?

2. Juventus needed an own goal to dispatch Parma, and while they played FAR better than previous games, there is still a bit of disarray and discontent in Ferrara’s camp. Amuari, Diego, and Melo are underachieving and underperforming while our trio of Dinho, Silva, and Pato seem to be A-OK. Funny how that works sometimes and they say Brazilians are not a fickle bunch!?

3. For the record I have a ton of respect for Ciro Ferrara, but a loss to Milan may see the arrival of the Dutch Master Guus Hiddink. While the win is really all I want, I can’t help but feel that ending Ferrera’s reign in favor of the mercenary Dutch coach is probably bad for Milan in the long run. Oh the irony of short term decisions and long term goals…

4. Can any of us argue if Leo rolls out the exact same winning eleven?

Stay warm and can’t wait for Sunday. FORZA MILAN!!!