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Milan 4 Siena 0, Another Look at My Notes...

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Some notes to discuss while I craft the full review...

-KJH misses the call yet again; his performance on Wednesday must have made quite the impression on Leo.

-If Siena gets relegated does Maccarone move to a big Club? Does he deserve it?

-Can’t stress how good Pirlo looks in this new delta midfield of the 4-3-3.

-Dida comes out strong for once, gets the ball and Rino. Is it bad that I just
wished for Favalli to injure Dida like he did Abbaiti!? Am I a bad person…

-Antonini gets the drop ball and passes it to Vergassola, boot it Luca, BOOT IT CLEAR!

-Borriello digs out the ball, beats a defender, but gets hauled down by Curci. Curci shown Red, a true Roman product, and Borriello earns a PK. Dinho steps up…after Genoa I am not so keen…

-Siena a man down, with a new keeper, Milan need to bust this game open. How bad does it stink to be the guy taken off for the new keeper?

-GOAL DINHO, WELL TAKEN, his Genoa miss is history and Dinho gets his seventh goal. Pegalo stood no chance; his legs were shaking from the bench.

-A one goal lead, a man up, and a game that should be taken to Siena. They should not even be allowed to breath. If Milan could score this would be a prime game to get time for DiGennaro, De Vito, and Verdi if they made the bench…either way get guys rest. The midweek match has been moved so Milan has seven days to prepare for Inter.

-Great lead up play to find Abate, an excellent cross finds Borriello but over the bar. Really nice passing to lead to that, bit more possession would demoralize Siena.

-Becks looking a bit lost, wonder if he even knows his proper role here!?

-Borriello missing another header, he is buzzing though and should get a goal.

-Flamini looking rather solid today, running with purpose and passing intelligently. Midweek game gave him a boost in confidence.

-Apparently no one told Maccarone that his team was a man down! Guy is still pushing the issue big time, admirable really.

-OK Becks, Pirlo, Dinho all on the left is a bit of a mess, we have lost all tactical shape and I am not sure why. The key to this team has been the ability to swap sides of the attack with ease, we are pretty one dimensional now here.

-Dinho moves his ass and gets on the keeper, VERY NICE WORK, almost rewarded for his effort.

-OK, someone needs to mark Maccarone out of this match, Flamini or Rino, even Silva this guy CAN NOT touch the ball again.

-A ripping cross delivered from Antonini, Borriello with an unreal volley for the second goal. Now that my friends should lay to rest the niggling issue of Klaas! Wake up Lippi, and forget Dzeko, this guy is for real.

-Borriello wins the ball again, lets Abate in on his own but shanks the shot, again nice work from Marco.

-Nesta with an uncharacteristic mistake but Flamini being Johnny on the Spot and bailing him out.

-So half time should see a rest for Bori, in KJH, Pirlo, in DiGennaro, and Nesta as well…

-Flamini lands awkwardly on his shoulder, gets up though in true Rino fashion, but shoulder injuries are are annoying and I hope it is nothing more than a bump.

-Dinho gets crushed in an awkward tackle from the Siena captain, no card, but a clear apology. Ugly challenge…

-Dinho and Antonini work a pacey one two to find Marco, but little comes of it.

-Antonini works two and three quick moves for space to cross, but he skies the ball into the box. Good work, but let’s be better and make that cross that count. He is improving every week and we can expect more!

-Dinho looking vintage, great cross but just a bit long.

-Another great Dinho pass, Bori tries to drop it down but to many defenders. It is balls like that should be one touched and dropped for a teammate.

-So as halftinme draws near I did some research on Maccarone. He is a AC Milan product and 30, it is funny how Milan products go on to be minnow heroes. I remember all the promise in guys like Locatelli who went on to be one of Udinese’s best in the days before Toto.

-So with a two goal lead Leo can turn to the bench, can’t wait to see his choices.

-Janks the only change at half, for Flamini, hopefully his shoulder is not separated or dislocated. Too bad the Frenchmen was really starting to gel…shame really..

-A glorious 1-2 between Dinho and Antonini but Dinho ran himself out of options. A bit to cheeky with the lofted ball, would have been nice for him to score, he certainly deserved it after a run like that, but a pass would have been nice as well.

-I like Janks in this mid-role, not sure why exactly, balance maybe, or putting him farther makes me more comfortable. He was always a solid defender and player, but his verstatility makes him all that much better. Granted if Tottenham wants him for 10M, I am ok with it.

-Speaking of Janks he rips a great shot, very nice to see him build some confidence and have a go. I find that I can never argue with a player taking a shot from distance. If he scores it is amazing, if he doesn’t then oh well, you just hope he didn’t have any better options.

-Rosi is booked for a cheap shot on Antonini, unnecessary really, and risky.

-Favalli to rest Nesta, smart move number 1.

-Anyone else think a third goal is a must here to put this match to bed?

-Dinho denied by Pegalo, again deserved to score, to bad really. A great run and effort on goal, good save by the replacement keeper.

-Nesta said to have a slight muscular problem, he has to be fit for the Derby, so I can see the reason for the sub, let’s all take a moment and hope for the best.

-Silva makes a run forward and puts Milan in a bit of trouble, Favalli to save his blushes.

-Antonini nice work to get out of trouble in the corner, makes another cross by flies it by Borriello. To bad really as no one is getting rewarded for all their hard work. I want better crosses now LUCA!

-Ok I know Siena is bottom of the barrel, but Antonini is really playing well, does anyone even care anymore about Zambro and Oddo!? I do not…

-So I just remembered Becks was playing, not a good showing from him the past two matches. He started well against Genoa but has struggled to find himself in the tactical setup. Yes he is playing out of position and he is at least
taking a marker at all times, but he needs to do a bit more if he wants to keep his place. I fully expect him to sit next week if Pato is back.

-Very funny to see Dinho and Bori share a conversation; really not sure what on Earth they can be discussing, I have actually never even heard Dinho speak Italian!

-Siena bring on Caliao, it was just a few years ago that this man basically promoted Napoli from Serie B on all his goals.

-GOAL!!! Dinho gets his second of the match and rewarded for really all of his hard work and great game, yes this is Siena but he is playing really well.

-I can’t help but think this was a statement game for Milan, just a few days ago this team pushed Inter to the brink and Milan didn’t even break a sweat.

-74th minute KJH watch is still on…at least bring him on so we can hang a FOR SALE sign around his neck!

-Dinho buzzing, a third goal for him would not be out of the question, he is beating guys one on one something that has not happened really all season. A great sign.

-Becks with his first cross and getting a second cross even sooner. More touches in this minute than the whole game!

-So the great debate of KJH is officially closed, Leo chooses Pippo over the Dutchmen, rightfully after Wednesday’s match.

-Dida comes up huge on a Caliao and Maccarone one two punch. Great save for a match with very little to do. Nice work!

-Alarming injury on Pirlo, hope he is OK, Milan can finish ten v ten and I wouldn’t be upset, don’t push it here!

-Becks on the left!? This guy needs a rope to lock him into place…

-Rino looks worse than Pirlo, this doesn’t look good and we really are matching the ten men…hopefully he is OK. I don’t think he should play against Inter anyway after the last match, but he is improving every match and adds depth, he needs to be available.

-Dinho scores in the 88th, really a superb goal and a touch of class. He looks game and I hope this confidence carries over through the week.

-So yes Siena was down to ten early, but this game was never in danger three wins on the trot and 12 games to boot, who needs a 20 goal striker!? Since I demanded more goals from Dinho in my midseason wrap he has delivered 7, looks like he is doing his reading!! Watching the team after the match, the cohesion and chemistry is amazing, something I really didn’t think would come back since Carletto has left. A good game and great performance, I will be back with a proper review, until then I hope you enjoyed my rambling.