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Juventus 0 - Milan 3, A Rough Draft Review

Often times, if not all the time, I take notes during the match for my post match wrap. Today I thought I would share those notes with you as a write up a proper review.

No surprise really in Leo’s lineup. Can’t blame him for using the same guys as Wednesday who were excellent on Wednesday. However subs must be ready and used in the 60th minute onward to assure a strong finish to this match regardless of the score line.

Diego and Ronaldinho speaking pre-match, what do you think was said:

Dinho: “think we are going to South Africa?”
Diego: “…”

-Fererra appears to be using Poulsen in the destroyer role in a very congested midfield.

-Melo fouls Rino and gets the death stare, at least he still gives the evil eye better than anyone on the team. Is it just me or does Rino have no white in his eyes!?

-Borriello big header away on the free kick, Chiellini may cause problems in the box on set pieces.

-Juventus looking sharp on the ball and with their passing, forcing Dinho to track place and track back strongly I may add!

-Dinho with a late challenge and a yellow may be in order, but it looks as though he will get only a warning. Looks like a cagey start.

-Becks touches early are nothing short of sloppy, he looks terrified, not a good sign from such a seasoned player.

-Chiellini stands up Abate on the edge of the box; I personally don’t think there is a better CB in the World at the moment. Guy is clutch and strong as a bull.

-Diego looking rather spry, if you recall he gave may Milan issues last season in the UEFA Cup and it seems that he enjoy playing the Rossoneri.

-When I watch Marchisio it is hard to believe he is only 23, comparing him to Abate is like comparing a man with a child. Take nothing away from Abate but Marchisio is so much more mature and composed.

-Becks to far central for my liking early, granted it gives space for Abate to run, but they should swap channels and Abate should be on the inside in his runs forward.

-Ferrara’s defensive game plan is fairy evident; Melo and Poulsen to badger Rino and Ambro consistently, Grygera staying back to monitor Dinho with Salihamzidic providing width. Milan look to want Borriello on Canna but Chiellini providing cover to the old man.

-27th minute and Milan looking a bit more relaxed and possession minded. Dinho finding Marco nicely but Chiellini comes up big again.

-NESTA GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pirlo delivers a corner, Melo misses it and Nesta moves in unmarked. Huge defensive lapse with no cover on Nesta, and Milan rewarded for a better spell of play.

-Poulsen gets the game’s first yellow bringing down Pirlo on a solid run. Pirlo looking very solid today.

-Rino with another massive tackle, looking very strong here. Melo retaliates for a the good tackle cleating Rino with a high foot, Ref takes notice.

-Melo on the fast track to a yellow here and the fog seems to be rolling into Torino.

-Borriello huge win on Diego’s deep corner, things get sloppy and Rino comes up aces and Dida saves Chiellini’s sliding effort. Sometimes a little luck goes a long way…

-Pitch is sloppy and the play is matching the conditions.

-Borrielo barking at Antonini for lack of a run, good to see the passion and the fire but neither player playing well enough to be shouting at the other. If anything they both need to step it up a bit.

-Corner in stoppage time, Dinho hits it off a defender for another corner. Great deliver from Becks, Juve looking shaky here on the corner. Amauri comes up big.

-Canna and Borriello mixing it up again, can’t help but think Milan have an advantage in this one, but Chiellini not leaving Captain Canna alone enough to make a difference.

-Does anyone feel the Tassotti is far more pivotal as an assistant than he is given credit for? Leo is always asking him questions and the conversations look in depth, good to know the wiley veteran is Leo’s right hand man.

-Halftime and Milan looking fairly solid, albeit a little sluggish at times. A second goal would be huge, but this match is far from over. Milan need more from the front line but Pirlo, Ambro, and Rino are playing like they want it, and we all know how important those guys are to this team.

-Sloppy start for both sides, Becks with an early chance but not good enough, should be making way for a midfielder sooner than later.

-Don’t really want to see ADP here…

-Ambro earns a free kick and Becks stands over, Juve with ten in the box and Milan counters with four players!? Playing it safe and guarding the counter.

-Juve pressuring here and Milan would be smart to get some possession instead of absorbing pressure as we have been known to do.

-Chiellini SO DANGEROUS in both boxes, why can’t someone exploit his attacking moves!!??!?

-Juventus continuing to commit players forward and Milan unwilling to counter with pace, not good.

-Becks played into space by Rino and not a single player makes a run forward!! WTF! Poor play, have to make runs and take chances when needed.

-ADP making his way onto the pitch, I know he is old, but he scares the shit out of me in the Juventus kit. Juventus going for the goals here.

-Leo needs to counter Ciro’s sub here, Becks off for a midfielder to further congest the middle.

-Poulsen looks to be injured, clearly cut his ankle, but he may actually be hurt. Tiago? I am sure Alessio will be thrilled. DeCeglie instead, Alessio rests easy.

-Rino off, Flamini on, the Frenchman will need to be controlled here.

-Borriello with a great chance but swarmed heavily, ball would not settle and he was afforded zero space. Would have been smart to pass back quickly so someone else could shoot.

-ADP runs at Antonini, Antonini wins the ball, easily the most difficult mark he has had in his whole career. Antonini looked nervous today, but doing well in his most important match so far.

-Chiellini disposes Dinho so easily it is almost funny.

-GOAL!! Dinho claims it, but it was a bit messy, a quick corner from Pirlo, Juve sloppy flicked on by Dinho but DeCeglie seems to be the goal scorer. This goal was clearly against the run of play, and the sloppy play on corners has to be unacceptable for Juventus.

-Ambro booked, gets himself a game off against Siena that is one way for Leo to rotate his midfielders.

-Dinho to cute for his own good, losing possession. He needs to keep a cool head here.

-Juive fans heading for the exits already, is Ciro next?

-Steam has been let of this match at this point, both teams going through the motions and a true testament to the state of affairs for Juventus at the moment.

-Borriello off for KJH, Borriello had a good game in terms of doing dirty work, but his decision making, specifically passing left a lot to be desired. Lots of chances where he could have made a better decision and gotten an assist but
instead forced the issue, not his best game, but still a good showing.

-The fog has descended virtually making this game unwatchable, maybe it is smoke from the makeshift bonfires!?

-Dinho scores off the Becks corner, barely visible on screen, but a looks to be well taken. Juve unable to mark on the corner, Flamini with the flick, Juve does not clear and Dinho makes them pay. Game. Set. Match.

Milan poised to make a it a two horse race this year in Serie A, not the greatest performance, but still three points in a hard fought victory, back tomorrow with a full match wrap.