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Milan 0 - Bari 0

To say I am furious is a bit to strong. Speechless, dumbfounded, and utterly disgusted may be the better way to phrase it but at this point my nightmare of reliving the 1997-1998 season is upon me. Other than a small kudos to Bari for really playing their socks off and embarrasing us on our home pitch I have very little to say at the moment, hopefully I can muster something a little later that doesn't sound like a terrible tirade, but until then I just want to post your thoughts, as well as make an inquiry as to where have all the "supposed" Milan fans gone? Going got tough and it has apparently thinned the least we know who is in it for the long haul now...

We sucked last night. I was starting to cheer on Bari last night, not really because I wanted them to win, but the fact that they were really trying, and playing some good football. They carved us open on a number of occassions with simplicity and ease. Watching us never mustered any excitement at all. It was like watching paint dry.
I’m going to keep on defending our attackers, not because they are any good, but they aren’t getting any service at all with which to demonstrate if they are any good or not.
I noticed for the umpteenth time last night, that our opponents counter attack us with real pace, and when its our turn to counter attack, we get up to the halfway line, by which point they have all 11 players on the edge of their box, and we are just about getting up to full speed, around 3 or 4 mph it seems.
Why didn’t we cash in on Pirlo? Why do we insist on playing these idiots at the back (excluding Nesta)? Why do we insist on playing such defensively minded players in midfield? I’ve-played-my-good-game-quota-for-the-season-Dorf is back to his uselessness self after a good couple of performances. Gattuso and Ambro are okay at breaking up play but they are useless at creating play, Pirlo is useless, insisting on still trying long over the top balls with zero success, and Dinho can’t run, and now can’t pass the ball either.
I don’t have the solution to our problems. But I’m reasonably confident that it doesn’t lie with our current crop of has-beens.
I can’t remember who told me that relegation isn’t a possibility because other teams are far worse than we are, but I’d like to ask who is worse than us right now?

For the beginning Leonardo should be sacked and Spalletti appointed. He won`t do miracles, but some pride should be restored this year. And when the club will spend something, he is the man for the job
Leonardo can`t create chemistry, he has no authority and his team is unable to score goals, period.

oh and FUCK RONALDINHO. i am fucking sick of it. I also want to know where those fucking pricks that were here in the pre-season telling me that they will come back here after the season has started and to fucking gloat and tell me to go fuck myself when Ronaldinho carries this fucking team. I am no longer taking the moderate approach with Ronaldinho. Bench the SOB like Ancelotti did and let him fucking sit there with his thumb up his ass.
Where are the Dinho nut-suckers? Where is Silvio and co. Supposed Milan fans for 20 years that have disappeared like the hope that Ronaldinho could return to his previously lofty heights. I hope he he and Berlu crawl up each others asses and die.

I chose not to cite the commenter, but the sentiments are more than enough to show the feelings of many and the need for change sooner rather than later.