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The Barnum and Berlu Circus

There was a time that our beloved AC Milan was the epitome of class and stature. A team adorned with silverware and the envy of even the World’s most prestigious club’s such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, suddenly we no longer look so pristine. I blame the International break frankly, it is in these boring times that idle minds and idle footballers begin to run their mouths and create a whole jabbering and it this week it all seemed aimed at AC Milan.

It all started what could easily the most ludicrous idea on Earth, Berlu sells to a dictator. Honestly it was probably a ploy for Berlu to say you don’t like me it could be worse! What bothers me is he tone and timing of these ridiculous jokes and rumors, Milan is not at the top of their game and a quiet soft spoken owner would go a long way of getting Milan out of the spotlight and back to working to improve, for both Berlu on the Club. When a former legend, Marco Van Basten, comes out and says he would not Coach Milan because they have lost their direction in building squad, it gets a bit frustrating as a fan, and must be frustrating to the players as well.

The cheap shots didn’t stop there. Soon thereafter Franck Ribery decided to let us all know that losing Gourcuff was like losing the next Zidane. Thanks Franck for your awesome input, really appreciates it. Maybe you should focus on getting Bayern back to good and best of luck in the WC playoff…but alas that was not the only cheap shot thrown by a player. Sometime good Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano said Milan embarrassed him and he would consider a move to Italy, but never to Milan, Juventus would be a place he would consider…hear that Alessio and Roberto…good luck with Luis, I say we made out OK on this one.

Fabiano was not the only striker with diarrhea of the mouth this week. Milan’s own new man KJH decided to get in on the act and ramble on about how Leo should start him against Livorno. Personally I hate players that run their mouth about playing time, having that player on my team only makes it more frustrating. I am sure the Dutchmen will earn his place, but do it on the training field and not with your mouth, if I was Leo KJH would see the bench yet again because of these antics, but an lower back injurty to Borriello may grant KJH his wish, nothing like reinforcing bad behavior!

As if all this banter and bambling was not enough to turn your stomach, someone got the bright idea to invoke Juande Ramos. The man who found some success in a soft La Liga, subsequently ran Tottenham into the ground and couldn’t stay on at Madrid for Galactico’s was suddenly mentioned as a successor for Leo if the Brazilian can’t get his act together…TERRIBLE. The guy is tactically incapable of adjustment and his transfer policy is abysmal, with guys like Spalletti and Zaccheroni out of work couldn’t a better link be brought about!? Who knows they may even consider Steve McLaren next…

All kidding aside, Leo and Company really have to get their game in gear. With a must win match on Saturday and two more home games after that nine points is almost a must to continue to be taken seriously this season. We have seen two Milan’s this season, the question is what are we going to get come Saturday? Rino is out with a red, Borriello is injured, and the rest is really a crapshoot!