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Leo's Pre-Derby To Do List

Being that this is Leo's first "real" derby there a few things he needs to address prior to the match...

1. Name Nesta Captain of the squad immediately, first because he is the most experienced presence on the squad, second because he is a CB and defenders always see the game better than anyone else.

2. Pick a lineup and don't tell a soul! Have the players, management, Inter, and Jose sweat it out until the last second.

3. Do not let this photo happen again for a meaningful match, being a coach is tough enough, don't let your bosses muck it up!

4. Begin to employ a 4-3-3, if that is your preferred system don't be shy to use it. Float Dinho wide left and high, play Borriello, Pato, and KJH to rest Dinho on occasion, the sooner you try this the more dynamic and mysterious you become to the Serie A and CL opponents.
5. Last but not least, get a freaking haircut!