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The Derby: Stateside

As many of you know today I will be at Gillette Stadium watching Milan muddle their way through the final game of the World Football Challenge. What we have seen up to this point has been far more bad than good, but as the preseason wears on we can only hope improvement. Regardless of the form on the pitch, myself and many of you have a chance to see Milan play Inter in our backyards and the excitement should be more than enough to push us forward.

If you are attending the game use this space to cooridinate possible meetings. As I mentioned in earlier comments I have organized a bus of 55 Milanista's from Connecticut and have yet to determine arrival time and where, I will keep updating through the comments via my Iphone and hope to see many of you at the game.

Also feel free to use this space to keep a game update going for the many fans who don't have the pleasure of being able to watch the match. Today should be a lot of fun and, win or lose, a memorable day for the Derby della Madonnina