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Monday Milan Musings

-So Milan draws 2-2 with the LA Galaxy. I personally do not hold the MLS in as low a regard as many, and I also think that the quality of play is improving from the US as a whole even if the tactics are still a bit stale. With that said this draw is not all that pleasing, yes it is preseason and I have never been one to put stock in preseason games, so that will continue to be the case, but if you hold the MLS in low regard than this draw should be alarming. I will wait until next Sunday when the Inter game should heat things up a bit to make a determination.

-There is a God. The Fabiano deal appears to have fizzled out, and I for one am thankful. His value was far less than his asking price, and despite the club’s hot pursuit of a striker we are all in agreement that the money can be spent elsewhere, say LB or CM…

-Word from the boot is that Pirlo is closer to Chelsea than many of us are even aware of. He still speaks daily to Carletto, and a reunion with the man that made his career seems to be what Andrea wants. I am not happy, and I can’t help but think Rino is next, but if this is what Pirlo wants then I do believe he should get it. I am not all that keen on the money because I do not want Hernanes, but if Fester could swing Mikel, Kalou, or even Essien…I think I can swallow this move.

-So if Pirlo really does leave, one would think that Seedorf is really working on keeping himself entrenched in the first team. Do you think Clarence actually owns the club? More alarmingly however is that the Rossoneri are REALLY betting the farm on Ronaldinho. Yes many of you can call me a hater, but really, can we expect him to become Dinho circa 05? We all waited with baited breath last season and it never happened, and he was a fringe player. Now he is the linchpin and if the exodus continues he may be the longest tenured Milan player and Captain of the club!? I am just not all that keen on putting all these eggs in one heavy set, slower than usual basket…does anyone suggest we buy Sheva again and build the team around him? Probably not, but for some reason it is OK because it is Ronaldinho…they have both fallen very hard, and I am not about to give the benefit of the doubt to one and not the other.

-Anyone else think John Terry will be a traitor if he leaves Chelsea? I considered Terry a bit like Paolo, but this would ruin that in an instant, in fact just discussing with Man City is enough for me…

-World Football Challenge kicked off in earnest last night and Milan will be in action on Wed, Fri, and Sunday. The team should improve slowly each game, and at least help the team see the glaring holes for reinforcements.