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Grazie Ricky

In one month the Rossoneri we once knew have changed dramatically, we will have a new captain, a new coach, and someday a new hero...

Until that day comes we can say thank you to Ricky. I can't help but somehow feel that in the end I knew this was going to happen. Once the Man City rumors came and went Kaka and Milan's relationship was strained. In the end he is going to a better club, for less money in our coffers, but in some respects we did the right thing by a player who rarely did any wrong for us. In the past year it seemed Milan had done everything it could to push Kaka away, bringing in Dinho, a signing he publicly criticized, left him on the Man City door step and changed the coach that made him a star, in the end I almost have to ask, "Can I blame him?"

No I can't, I can't root for another club, but you can play for another team, but it doesn't take away what you brought to this club good and bad. I wasn't your biggest fan or even your biggest critic, but seeing you succeed on the pitch for my club was a joy to watch. I advocated your sale, fought against, and finally accept it. So while I come to grips with a new Rossoneri team, it sadly moves forward without you.

A friend gave me an idea to share your thoughts on Ricky, feel free to add more...

DAMN. He’s finally gone. I think I will take a break from Milan. I cant keep supporting the club with its current management,and setup. Its gone too far.
Thanks a lot,Kaka,for everything. I will miss you. Best of luck.

I still cant believe he’s gone, or Maldini, Gourcuff and Ancelotti for that matter.. all of them vanished within a months time. Grazie Silvio and Galliani, I’m waiting to see what they do in the Transfer market with the cash.. I am so MAD & shocked Right now.

I will never forget my favorite Kaka goal for AC Milan, his second one against Machester United at Old Trafford. 4 Manchester United player, 4 touches before the ball ends up in the back of the net. Phenom. Already a legend for Milan, wish you the best in your travels at Madrid. (Just as long as they don’t play us.)

Grazie Kaka. Its too bad you will never get your 100th goal in a Rossoneri jersey.

He gave us some of our best moments in the past 5 years and for that i will always be thankful

He is one of the most honest, legitimate “good guys” in football, and he served Milan faithfully. It is obvious that Berlusconi (may he rot in hell) forced kaka out for the money. I bet he only puts half of it back into the squad.

That’s it ragazzi, he’s gone and now we all have to move on too. Grazie Ricky, especially for ‘07 when everytime you touched the ball we all new something special was to happen. God gave you a talent and now it’s time for you to use it elsewhwere and delight a whole new set of fans, just don’t use it against us yeah? Show them spaniards what Milan has produced, Ciao bello