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Revolution or Evolution?

Sunday was the most trying day I have ever had as a fan of the Rossoneri. My captain and coach both gone in the span of an hour, and there I was left with my thoughts, memories, and little else. For close to five days I have been reading articles, comments, various blog posts across the web and pondering, contemplating and wondering what on Earth I could write when being rendered absolutely speechless.

My gut reaction was that of utter rage, at Fester and Berlu, for getting us into this mess. How on Earth could they leave us in the hands of an infant manager, a pending captain without a contract, and a star player hung on the line to the highest bidder? I was furious. As the days passed and the articles and comments continue to fly in my rage subsided, I began to view the situation as rationally as possible, looking at past Milan teams and how they restructured and moved forward. Suddenly through my darkest hours, I saw a ray of light, albeit small, but let me explain.

I was an advocate of the sale of Kaka last summer, many of you may remember, and my efforts to find the post are futile, but I am glad to be held accountable. I laid out the positives and negatives and resigned myself to the fact that the sale of Kaka at that juncture (last summer) was the right move. In January I changed my tune, we were in the scudetto hunt, and Ronaldinho was looking a bit in a tailspin and Kaka was needed to keep this team afloat. Now my rational side is back. Kaka was world player of the year in 2007, deservedly so, but since then his form has declined and his injuries have increased. The squad’s dependence on him at times made us one dimensional and easy to solve. Now as Madrid comes calling I can only say thank you Ricky, for the trophies, the excitement and the memories. When Sheva left I was hurt, but the sale was genius, his form declined and he never recovered it, it is quite possible our old Fester is more intelligent than he looks and their choice on Kaka is just the same.

What needs to happen following the sale of Kaka, must be the polar opposite of Sheva. WE MUST BUY. The loss of Kaka makes a pure striker a must, who is up for debate. I favor Adebayor, but Eto is OK as well, and many of you have others choices as well. Wingbacks and centerbacks are also a priority but depending on the return of Abate and Oddo, and the health of Nesta each position can be prioritized. The bottom line is the sale of Kaka must be reinvested wisely to prepare this team for the future. A future to be led by a man named Leonardo.

My initial reaction to Leonardo was awful; I wanted to spit on my TV when I saw him making love to Fester in the stands at the Franchi. But again my rational side came calling. When Cappello took over Milan I was a young teenager, I didn’t know much, and I certainly didn’t know who Don Fabio was or who he would become. Leonardo has been in the system, and his eye for talent is OK, Pato and Kaka were his purchases, so maybe this guy is a better football mind than I was willing to give him credit for. His results will go a long way to winning me over, but he needs to consider a formation and tactics so his buys are worthwhile and the team can begin to gel. Talk of 4-3-3 has been discussed which scares me in counter happy Italy, but again only time will tell...

In the end, I am not happy, but I am hopeful and a bit apprehensive. Change at times can be good, and at its worser times can lead to bigger better things, or at least act as a stepping stone to bigger better things. Many of us have been Milan fans for many many years, and it is in our blood and not matter what we say or what we do we are not going to turn backs now. We can vent, be frustrated, and do whatever it is we need to do to feel better (drink), but in the end you know as well as I do we will back on board. More now than ever, FORZA TIFOSI and FORZA MILAN.3

A note from Fetyani...
Hope you're handling everything well with all the shit that's going down. Anyways to the point, Zidane is coming here to Toronto and he's bringing some friends with him, including (Arrigo Sacchi, Franco Baresi, Billy Costacurta & Gattsuo). In addition to Eto'o, Giuly, Prso... So just wanted to let you know if you might want to see and maybe even meet those guys, and apparently they're coming 2 days before the game to train here and stuff. Here's the site (, tickets are from $40-200. so anyways, if you want any help or anything let me know. just remember these things arent 100% all the time, they change so if anything dont put all your hope they might all show up, thats what im doing. Paolo was in it too, but he pulled out. you can post this on the blog so whoever is interested can go.