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Red, Black, and Blue...a very abysmal Blue...

I didn’t even want to acknowledge the current Azzurri setup or their run in the Confederations Cup, frankly I approached these games as a USMNT fan and at this point I am pleasantly surprised. But reading blogs, comments, and articles today has made it impossible to remain silent on the issue.

First and foremost I will say this outright, I don’t like Lippi, I never have and I never will. Juventus fans defend him and that is OK, he is their Cappello and I respect that but as a tactician he has always been a bit behind in my book. He has always had good teams, and in the case of WC 06 he was playing with a passionate team who were very willing to work for him and with him, again not saying he is a bad coach, but he is not a revolutionary tactician, and he was lucky to get what he got out of those boys with many of them being consistently average players before the cup.