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Put the Money Where Your Fingers Are!

So that day has finally arrived, Kaka, Milan’s crown jewel has moved to Madrid. Still flip flopping on my emotions as to what I personally believe and feel, and as I get those on paper I will post. However, to lighten the mood a bit how about we all put our money where our mouths and fingers are as I ask you to go ahead and put yourself in Fester’s big old Italian leather loafers and tell me what you do with 50M. Remember that extra cash (10M) is probably going to be spent on Berlu’s hair dye, fake tan, hookers, and if any is left over blow…

My 50M dollar moves:

Adebayor(25-30M)- What happens when little Jimmy down the street comes down to your house with a wallet full of cash? Hopefully you take him to the cleaners and sell your collections to him when he is prime to spend right? So Arsenal, in fact any team doing business with Milan, will probably do the same. The first transfer is going to be costly, because the cash is burning a hole in our pocket so you have to pay a little extra here. Some of you don’t like Ade, and frankly that is fine, but for me he is the pivotal signing. For those of you who like to plug away at stats, please take a look at Arsenal’s record when Ade plays and when he doesn’t? If you want to count goals, fine, but get your ducks in a row first and see how much more valuable he is for that team big picture, and finally consider how valuable he can be for us. Imagine a towering striker pulling CB’s out of the box and leaving lanes for Pato to run into, or Dinho to pass into, enough said.

DeSilvestri (8-12M) – RB is our oldest position with Zambro and Oddo returning (I like Bonera as a CB as his runs forward are not the marauding type). We need help and fast, for those of you who like Mattioni, I ask Mattioni who? Or even better, remember Grimi? Exactly. We need Italian defenders, they are the best in the World because they provide results. What is it with Brazilian defenders anyway? When has Brazil been known for defenders!?!?!? I like DeSilvestri because he has upside, he likes to come forward ,and he is young. Picture a National team setup with a Milan RB and Inter LB, frightening yes, but the way things should be! No reason Italian club’s can’t breed and raise Italian players.

Barzagli (10-12M) – This is the one I struggled with for hours. I really really like Gamberini, but Fiorentina are no fools. If we are going to poach someone from Wolfsburg this is the guy. He played every minute this season, and Wolfsburg played solid defense in a league where defense is forgotten. He is Italian, he has National team experience, and he has played in Europe albeit UEFA, but I will take it. Having Nesta back is great but for how long, Silva will have growing pains, and Bonera is made of glass as of late, so isn’t it best to sure up the defense?

However I can be swayed if this move doesn’t work to pursue the next one…

Foggia (10-15M) – Yes he was ours, and yes we pissed him away for Oddo, but can you think of a guy, Italian, to complement Dinho behind a striker better than Foggia and for reasonably cheap. Lazio is a going the Argentine/South American route, and Foggia seemed to fall in and out favor last season, granted Rossi is gone, but why not bring Foggia back. If D’Agostino goes to Juventus to sit on the bench, shouldn’t Milan make a move for a guy like this?

Now I understand my choices can change based on formations and tactics, but that is my initial take, now let’s here yours!