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Maldini Monday

The AC Milan's blog art director extraordinaire and Pato Blog writer Ro weighs in on Paolo Maldini...

As a young child I would sit on the couch early on weekend mornings to watch the Milan game with my dad. I was fixated on one person who was charging up and down the field preforming perfect sliding tackles. It's like the guy has a timer that would go off telling him the exact moment to go in. He has the presence of a God on the field, that makes strikers quiver in their boots as they tried to get around him. That man is set to retire now after 23 years at the end of this season, and to this day he still can keep up with even the youngest of players. Back then I couldn't fathom hearing Milan with out Maldini, but the time has come where we will have to say good-bye to our legend and Hero. Milan will never be the same without Paolo Maldini leading us into the glory of winning all the Scudettos and Champions League Trophies to come. Paolo Maldini is and always will be Milan. He will and always will be the only Il Capitano Rossonero. The armband will be passed on to someone else but no one will ever wear it like Maldini has. While we are loosing a great player we only have a few more years until the next generation of the Maldini dynasty will hopefully pick up where this one ended.