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Wednesday Milan Musings

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Carletto Leaving…

Can we just stop for a moment and consider how many of us at one point or another called for Carletto’s head? It is OK be honest, I was not his biggest believer, but have come around strong lately. Let us consider for a moment the plight of AC Milan. Sure injuries are a problem at every club, but when three of your winning eleven are lost for the campaign, and not just role players but pivotal key players in Nesta, Rino, and Borriello and this team still has a very slight, OK extremely slight, chance at fighting for the title is a small miracle. His insistence on Seedorf over Dinho has paid dividends in the win column, granted not in the beautiful football column, but they don’t keep score of that. His placement of Janks in the mid and Flamini at RB at pivotal times proved masterstrokes, and for a guy who, "Doesn’t coach youth well, " he sure seems to have done A-OK with Pato. Being critical of Carletto is one thing, but dismissing him is all wrong. If we lose Carletto we can kiss a title run goodbye because there is no one better at the moment to replace him, and for those that want him gone, do you think Chelsea and Madrid want him because he is a good coach or because he looks silly in winter hats, you decide.


Five games left, fifteen points up for grabs. When you look at the fixtures for the final stretch of the season Milan by far have the harder of the two schedules with Inter running into teams that are complacently stuck firm in the middle of the table while Milan have some tough games against Udinese, Juventus, and Fiorentina. Seven points stand between Milan and a title, and frankly stranger things have happened. Inter really have nothing left to play for and they will have to get geared up week in and week out to get the job done, question is can the rest of Italy and I mean you Lazio, Atalanta, and Siena get geared up as well! Milan knows what is as stake, and frankly the next five weeks are going to excellent.


I personally don’t think enough is being said about Flamini stepping up and helping this team out the last few weeks. He has played at RB quite well, and despite not being what he wants to do he has really taken one for the team in this regard. Is he the future RB, probably not, but if it means having a solid backup in a pinch when the team needs him then I am all for it. Nice work Mathieu, your welcome to the team moment has finally come!


Adebayor has come out and said that having a club like Milan interested in him is like having Beyonce interested him. Now I am not the biggest Beyonce fan, but if Megan Fox came calling (sorry ladies you get to look at footballers all day, and today I want to look at Megan Fox) then I see his point. Big rumors abound in the last few weeks that Milan will offer 25m and the youngest Aubamayeng brother to Arsene Wenger for the services of Ade. Wenger gets money and a young French striker, seems like a match made in heaven. Granted this will all be a lot easier if Arsenal win the CL and Adebayor wants to move onto to a new challenge, go Gunners!?


I don’t want to come across as a Clarence sympathizer here or even a big fan of his, because I never really have been. He has always been a good soldier with a bit of big mouth, but he plays good football and keeps himself in good shape and focus to be dependable. His performances of late have not been all that good and I as pointed in the match recap his service and choice of receiving the ball has not helped his cause, but when stacked up next to Dinho and considering Milan’s style of play and recent success, you don’t have to look to far to see that Clarence is the better fit at the moment. So we may as well get behind him, or leave him alone, because he doesn’t look like he is going anywhere in the next five weeks, matter of fact as long as we keep winning, I really don’t want him to go anywhere.