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Chievo 0 - Milan 1

I did not have the luxury, I heard it was bad so maybe I should say hardship?, of taking in Milan’s game this weekend, and due to an extremely hectic schedule this week, will probably not get my hands on an archived copy either. I spent Saturday morning coaching the indoor team to success in position week, then outdoor season preparation errands, and finally Easter duties so my weekend was a bit lost. I did as always read all the comments which left me wondering how much help and explanation all of you who saw the match could provide.

Remember these questions were based solely off the comments so it will be interesting what others opinion’s will be. I will say though that three points is three points, and when you need them especially after Juventus drops them, and Genoa wins them, it is all the better. A win is a win is a win…and I would rather an ugly win than a beautiful loss, because ugly wins bring titles, or in our case CL football, beautiful losses leave you nowhere…

1. Was Seedorf that bad?
2. Did his goal justify his inclusion?
3. Can we survive without Maldini or Nesta?
4. Was Dida vintage 2003, or were you just happy he was making saves?
5. Could Pato have passed the ball on occasion to lead to goals?
6. Would Dinho have made a difference?
7. Has Flamini surpassed Ambrosini in starting consideration?
8. Was Pippo’s pass to Clarence more luck than skill?
9. MOTM?
10. Did Chievo deserve more?

Again this a new idea, and because I didn’t see the game I think your help and knowledge will go a long way in a post match discussion. Feel free to answer one, two, or all, but hopefully we can get a solid review of the match so we can shift our focus to the assault on second place!