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Milan - Atalanta Quick Preview

Milan welcome a rather formidable Atalanta squad to the San Siro tomorrow, but with a run of poor form and an injury to big club beater Doni, Milan must capitalize and just plain prove they can still win games. This morning I watched Chelsea scored a sweet goal on a quick two pass counter, and wondered if Milan would ever be able to do that again. Two strikers and a four man midfield line should allow for some offense, but if Atalanta pack the box and are OK to clear crosses than some harder work will be needed to crack the defense.

Pippo and Pato should figure to start, but the pairing has not yielded results as hoped. With Sheva back from his mysterious injury he may figure to play and it would be in all our best interest if he decided to find any type of form. The mifield will probably show a deep playmaker, Pirlo, and Seedorf as an attacking one, but this also seems to have yielded very little. If Seedorf has a stinker he needs to make way, and it will be intersting if Viudez is rewarded for his pace in the midweek friendly. The main point here is if we are going to lose with the old horses out there, why not throw some youth at the problem and see what comes of it. A loss is a loss but if a kid like Viudez can shine a bit, shouldn't his chance come?

A win here will do alot for everyones confidence both the team and the tifosi, and as I sit here and watch the nil-nil derby of Torino in the 60th minute, Milan really could use the points. I know I have said it before, but if you have a chance to watch Abate, you will sing his praises as much as I have. Watching him blow by Giovinco, and still bottle him up when needed makes me ponder the prospects of matching him on the same flank as Kaka. The kid has pace and can add a flank player that we have seen since Donadoni! Bottom line bring Abate home...

I wanted to discuss the share deal of David Beckham,and though his form has dipped since his arrival, he still is a fairly important edition consider the loss of Rino. It is no secret, I like Becks, and I am OK with his stay for the rest of the season, but it needs to end there. This team needs to many changes to have him absorb a spot, and if him staying means a player like Abate leaving, then he can pack his bags.