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Avia Has A Question...

Regular commenter and contributer to the AC Milan blog, Avia, has a question for all of you, I was going to make suggestions, but who better than you guys to add your advice...

I would like to offer the opportunity to fellow Milan Offsiders the chance to deliver a personal message to the team as I'm looking for ideas for a banner to take along. I have been giving it some thought recently and i deviate from abuse aimed at Carlo or Galliani or some of the players (who i view as leeches sucking the life out of this squad) to praise for Ricky for staying, to thanking Maldini for the ERA of impeccable service we are highly unlikely to witness ever again, to asking Rino to stick his foot up this squads backside.

But im willing to open it up to the peeps reading this.

I have spoken to Rangers to check the deal with banners and they dont have a problem as long as there is no profanity (but im guessing that Italian dont count!)

So folks, over to you..................
PS: any ideas of how i can find out which hotel Milan will be staying in??