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Tuesday Milan Musings

It was days like today that many of us were so used to watching our Rossoneri excel. Historically we always approached these games with apprehension, but we always knew deep down that Milan would succeed. That was not the last year, and now for the first time in a long time we are stuck watching the matches in which are squad once excelled.

I have no intention of recapping each and every game at length, but as a Milan fan I think we can safely when it comes to the CL we are connoisseurs. I made a passing joke earlier today that I was rooting solely for EPL teams, and yes that thought makes me sick, but when it comes to Italian teams in the CL if it isn’t Milan, its CRAP. Hats off to Julio Ceaser today who singlehandly kept Inter in the match, each save was more spectacular than the next, did Inter look in control, no, but a goal at Ol Trafford and this one might be over. On a side note Mourinho really has size 5 balls to start Santon in spot clearly to play against CRON, the kid delivered, to some extent, and I can’t help but think how special this kid might be. I hate the fact that Mourinho will make it work with the youngster and Milan seems to do just the opposite fielding Favalli over Antonini.

Onto my most favorite of all teams, Roma! I actually like Arsenal, my friend is a fan so I hear about them, talk about them, and when I can I watch them. When it comes to matching up teams, you can’t really beat it; they are basically carbon copies of each other, perennial failures when it comes to silverware, but playing a game that at times is easy on the eyes, but not so much on the result. Any link for Milan to Mexes should be done today, his foul on RVP was not so bright, and the fact that he was not red carded was a miracle, then again he is better than Loria, right? Don’t even get me started on DDR’s yellow, Arsenal is in the driver’s seat but their play lacked inspiration and they will have work to do to advance. Maybe Bendtner should be left off the bench as well after today’s performance, many of you give Adebayor grief, but this guy made Emmanuel look clinical.

Lastly, Juninho’s FK was sublime, but Barca really is a beast that is always ready to strike. Benzema looked like he was playing for a job at his opponents, and Henry looked like he shed years of his career with his performance tonight. Many of you this summer talked about Loris and his chances of coming to Milan, kid looked like a deer in headlights on this night. Young keepers are nice, but on European nights their faces tell a different story.

I want to talk a bit about theMilan match on Sunday, but as many of you have already pointed out there is little to talk about. It was one of those cases where you shake your head and accept the three points. It was horrific, but the job is done, and we can move on. Carletto had very little at his disposal, and I guess I am thankful that we didn’t lose…

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to laugh out loud at the Milan buyout rumors. If they were true we would be talking about 40% share which from a business standpoint, does very little for the owner, as they are always outnumbered. Sure it would inject some cash into Milan, but I would rather these oil tycoons do their shopping in the EPL. For all the grief we give Silvio, he has been a glorious owner and many of us pointed out that he needs this club more than he knows. Milan equals voters, and Silvio needs all he can get. Sure he can spend some more money, but a lot of that poor spending can be tied to Fester’s idiocy, let it be known that Cappello should be set up for Fester’s job when he finishes his tour of duty in England.