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It is almost here...

For the first time that I can remember the Derby is more about players missing, than those actually playing. The usual cast of characters that have made Derbies between Inter and Milan epic, find themselves out of the match through injuries and lack of form. It is hard to swallow without Rino and Kaka, but even the lack of Materazzi, for better or for worse, gives the Derby a same place different faces kind of feel.

I would like to think that Milan has the players to step in and fill the void. Ronaldinho will have a chance to show that he can in fact be a gamer and put his stamp on a game without Kaka present, while David Beckham has added a new dimension to the spot once occupied by arguably one of the best DM's in the World. This video should help remind any of the naysayers of Rino's presence both on and off the pitch. These players will surely be missed, but it is games like these that help create new stars, new memories, and hopefully another notch for Milan in the Derby standings!

Special thanks to Milan Offside regular Mike aka Mele for finding this gem. Believe it or not someone even gave him a blog! If you are a fan of Football Manager, then you need to check it out here.