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Tuesday Milan Musings

As much as I want to write a rousing post match recap of a meaningless friendly, I have to come clean here and say this game meant absolutely nothing to me. The scheduling was poor, a few days before the derby, and when your favorite team puts more Milan players on the Brazilian side than the Italian side it disheartens me a bit to say the least. I have to yet to watch the match in it's entirety and will probably do so shortly, as of right now, but with the few things I have read, it was not good.

I can't thank Lippi enough for WC06, but the man has to admit he had the planets aligned for that unforgettable victory. As for moving forward, he needs to change, sure he had an unbeaten run up to today, but seeing that we are almost a year away from WC10, hard to believe, this team is clearly stuck standing still. Lippi's leash will be long and it is hard to see him not last until WC10, but the lackluster form of the Azzurri has me a bit alarmed.

But I don't want to dwell, and once I get the whole match viewing I may have a few words to add, but right now my mind has one focus, and that is the Derby!