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The Samp Trap

With much of today’s focus on the World Cup draw, it is easy to overlook tomorrow’s match against a tricky opponent. I will touch on the draw simply by stating that if Italy does not win their soft group then they certainly don’t deserve to advance, and the US actually has a chance to further legitimize them on the World stage. Now onto Milan…

There was a romantic auro around Sampdoria earlier in the season, they sat top of the table early and it looked as though Cassano and Pazzini were poised to make many draw comparisons to Mancini and Vialli and become the new Genoa. Unfortunately for Samp, there figured out early by many quality opponents and their hot start cooled quickly, so much that they now appear to be in a bit of a tailspin. Talent wise Samp still start players like Pazzini, Cassano, Castelazzi, and Palombo; players significantly capable of swinging a game in their favor with a good performance. Setting these stage for an old fashioned trap game.

Leo would do well to treat the game as any other, but you can’t help but feel that he has a small eye on the Zurich match as well. Depending on fitness and resting players I would expect to see a bit of a reshuffle with Pirlo returning, Seedorf possibly resting, and Pato or Dinho being left on the bench. This is merely speculation but you have to believe Leo is cognizant of the OM match and the fatigue and would like to avoid in two important matches. Zambro is out against Zurich and will most likely play, depending on the side he starts on, Antonini and Abate will fill in the opposite.

As always am optimistic for a win here, but this is a cautious game against a potentially difficult opponent and with Zurich just a few days away this is real test of both the squad and Leo. All eyes on Inter and Juve tomorrow as well, this may shape up to be a more interesting season than many of us gave it credit for.