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Buon Natale a Tutti

While we all endured the madness of the holiday season, I can’t help but reminisce for my youth when opening a gift meant wishes coming true, decorating a cookie was as fun as things could get, and a snow day was the single greatest feat on Earth. So as I look at the state of the holiday now I can’t help but fear that someday this madness will be considered a simpler time that someone will reminisce about all the same. Despite what the holiday was, is, and will become, it is still a time to take a moment and share some warmth and gratitude for another year passed and the great company of friends we have congregated on this blog. As I enter my third year of this blog I can’t thank you all enough for your contributions and wish you the happiest of holidays no matter how hectic they may become.


So to take a break from the season, Serie A and Christmas, hustle and bustle, I have a request. Forgive me for playing on the gift giving and wish making, and even Santa Claus, but I am curious. If you had one wish for your AC Milan to be delivered this Holiday Season, what would that be? Anything, don’t be shy, I really want to know, and thanks to comments past we also know who has been naughty and nice!

My wish is simple and probably does little for the team as a whole, but I would like Marco Borriello to earn his way into the National team for a trip to South Africa…