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Buon Compleanno Milan

On December 16, 2009 our club turned 110 years old. It seemed like just yesterday they hit the big 100 on the shoulders of Shevchenko, Maldini, Costacurta and the illustrious squad of the 90s. The decade has flown by and when you think about the most recent 20 years, which are the years closest to many of us, you can’t help but flooded with amazing memories of games, players, and successes.

Milan channel has put together this excellent video which I want to share with you below. In order to commemorate this occasion I would like it if every one of you could share your favorite Milan memory. I am sure it will be loaded with discussion of the Champions League, but think long hard, something that truly makes your ties to this club special.

For me it is and will continue to always be the first time I watched Paolo Maldini play and then as bitter sweet as it was; to see his career through to the end. My fandom will be forever linked with Il Capitano! Happy Birthday AC Milan and FORZA MILAN PER SEMPRE!! To another 110 years as great as these!!