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A Draw Worse than a Loss??

I really can’t get all amped up or even remotely happy about this draw. This draw is bittersweet in the fact that this draw probably only prolonged the inevitable, like going away for the weekend with your soon to be ex-girlfriend to try and rekindle the magic, only to break up on the way home. At least in my scenario someone scores more than once…

It is clearly evident that Leo does not have the depth of squad to make this work, nor does he really have the knowledge to squeeze whatever potential or ability is left to this team. The fact that I have little left to say shouldn’t really surprise anyone at this point. I barely know what to think, let alone what to say or type or write or discuss. Really the only thing I can conjure up from yesterday is the fact that I couldn’t help but think Atalanta deserved the three points, or that our squad couldn’t beat the current worse team in Serie A down to ten men…do you feel terrible or desperate yet…I do.

Before I fizzle out here and go back to staring at videos and pictures of previous Milan teams to forget the current state of affairs, I want to say that for the first time as a fan of this Club I truly feel hopeless. I actually listened to Dinho fans try and portray this goal, this draw as a positive, well he saved us they said…we are beyond saving. Maybe I have dug myself such a hole I can’t even find a shred of positive light, but I do know that a game like this against Atalanta can only spell problems for the upcoming match against Roma, and worse Napoli whose backs are truly against the wall.

All and all this international break is hot and cold. Time for this team to train and hear more of Leo’s infamous discussion or further sink in the hole it has dug for itself. The nice thing is the usual swarm of Rossoneri players on International duty has slowly declined recently so while good teams best players are away, our players will be training together…think positive right…