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Napoli v Milan

So I held the 4-3-3 tactics piece because I was extremely intrigued as to what Leo would do against an underachieving Napoli team. We all know the defensive frailities of the 4-3-3, but if Milan can score early than those frailities may become a non-issue. Borriello looks poised to claim that target man spot in the attacking line and a goal should cement that position for him. With 3 games in the next 7 days, the lineup for this evening will dictate much of what Milan and Leo are capable of moving forward.

Outside of the fact that Milan is on a two game Serie A win streak and looking to make it three, trips to Napoli are always special. Napoli, in the province of Benevento, is where my father is from and matter of factly is the team he should support. This is not the case, so this game carries a "derby de la Famiglia" atmospshere that I enjoy more than other rivalries, when all your cousins like Napoli you can't help but feel ready for a match like this.

(this is not my family, but boy is it close)

Not to mention the infant stages of my Milan fandom began at a time where Diego Armando Maradona was ruling Serie A, and their greatest rivals was our very own "soon to be" invincibles. The games were epic and to this day I still feel that electricity when we meet Napoli either at the San Siro or the dreaded San Paolo...For a very thorough and complete preview Neil at the Napoli blog has come up big, check it out here.

I will be back around Friday to recap, explore the 4-3-3 and prepare for the weekend fixture against what a busy week to be a Milan tifosi...