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Five Days Clean!?!

After leading the HS Boy’s team I coach out against the number one team in the State, only to lose by a PK, I did the unthinkable, I swore off the beautiful game for five days!! A recounting of my plight…

Friday Evening: Stopped off at the local video game store, picked up some Western shoot-em up, and proceeded to play said Western shoot-em up while watching the Yankees beat the Twins. I am a Yankee fan, but boy is baseball another World after watching a neat and tidy ninety minute football match.

Saturday: Woke up, took the dog for a massively long walk. Went shopping with the GF and then waited for my friends to arrive because we were supposed to go to Boston to watch the Revolution play the Columbus Crew, so much for soccer-free weekend, but bear with me. The game itself was abysmal; the Revolution despite being a man up for close to thirty minutes did nothing to attack, reminds me of a certain Milan. Final determination this was not football as we know it! Or maybe it was who knows…I lasted less than 24 hours…going to keep trying...

Sunday: Day of American Football, during an International break to boot, if there was a Sunday where you wanted to avoid Soccer this was certainly it. Mission Accomplished!

Monday: Day off. Went on a hike, a real hike, even took some photos of foliage and scenery. Crazy really, the only pictures on the camera that were not soccer related. Then watched my Jets implode against the Dolphins. Again yearning and wishing that this was real Football and that I was not strung along aimlessly through a seesaw battle…not sure if that really is all that much different!?

Tuesday: Day off from work so I planned errands haircut, the dreaded DMV, and bringing in patio furniture for the impending winter, oh the excitement of my life! But soon my moratorium would be lifted, I wrote this blog, penned some training sessions for the week and got ready to go to practice. Relief…

So what is my final verdict on my attempted football-free days? Empty, really truly empty, I did my best to avoid the blog, websites, and just about anything else, but in the end it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe the few days off reinforced my love for the game and how much I do truly miss it when it’s gone. So as I prepare a week of lesson plans for the boys, I wonder if Milan is on the same track, and if they are preparing for Roma on the weekend. Back to business as usual in the next day or so…thanks for sticking around during myself imposed exile, and I hope you can at least find a chuckle at my desperate attempt at a normal possibly feeble existence!