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Wednesday Milan Musings

Somehow in the busiest of schedules, Milan made a grand decision to roll out the old men for a friendly. What I find even more puzzling about this match is Carletto’s lineup!? It is friendly, and typically for every other team but ours, friendlies are a chance to bleed the youngsters and rest the old folks who start week in and week out. Seems to make sense right? Only to us it seems, only to us…

Despite being down a goal in the first ten minutes it seemed the club was up to the task and scored three goals with Pippo , as always finding his way to the net. Sheva scored as well, and his performance was even rated as above average by of match reports. Beckham and Dinho both started and their inclusion on Sunday is probably iffy at this point. The big story of the match was the Milan debut of Thiago Silva who turned out a creditable performance, his countrymen and new edition Mattioni is still among the missing. Antonini was given a chance, which I wish was would happen more often, but as long as the team can pull points, I guess things will stay the same.


I know many of you are reading the Madrid rumors and articles and getting frustrated all over again, but in my opinion Kaka is here to stay. How long is up for debate, but just stop and think for a moment how Ricky feels after all this, could we fault him for leaving? He was treated as bait on a hook, and if the Rossoneri can’t produce CL football and he really does want to leave, can we fault him? He has been through a lot at this club, but his loyalty and faith were put the test, and is in real life you can only test so much before they walk away.

Transfer Market

It has been an extremely quiet window other than Kaka related, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Bayern’s price tag on Frank Ribery. Sure Frank is a solid player, with a face like a boxer, but to ask for Kaka/CRon money is a joke. I am sure more than few sporting directors in Europe joked on their cannoli’s when they heard that bullshit. As for the Rossoneri making more moves, it doesn’t look at all that promising, but I will say that the wheels should be turning for GRossi, if we must in fact prepare for next season sans Kaka. A little "scared side" of GRossi.

Serie A

This weekend’s results still have me in disbelief, but also give me a shred a hope that “impossible is nothing” to steal a phrase from our Sponsors. Inter are a very strong squad, but a bit wacko when it comes to the whole team chemistry, but if Jose can fix that goose then that team could become a steam roller. Juventus, who were my preseason pick for champs, still look like the team to beat and if they falter in the CL they will be a well rested force. Looking forward to part two of the season.