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It’s funny, but in a strange way this entire week resembles Kaka’s play on the pitch.

At any given moment Ricky can be leisurely playing his game: passing, moving, dribbling, and shooting. But in an instant unannounced, with the ball at his feet, he becomes a whirlwind, a tornado, and this once serene player who hadn’t made a sound on the pitch is now a weapon hurling himself towards the goal with a ferocity reserved only for the likes of Rino. As he nears the goal, this crescendo continues until it rattles the uprights, and then as suddenly as it started with a kneel and a point to the heavens the madness is over, and our Kaka is himself once again.

For me this summed up my week, at one point on Friday, I felt as though I was going to boil over in frustration and anticipation. Worrying, wondering, reasoning, and contemplating, in fact at one point or another I was both happy and sad, and unsure what to make of the whole thing. Yes I have advocated and even called for the sale of Kaka in the past, but when faced with real fact of the matter, I too was cringed and wondered quite rightly what I had done. I almost felt like Judas, ready to accept the money to give up the player I have shamefully wronged in the past, but like Judas I began to feel both guilt and remorse. However my ultimate end was the way it should be, for Judas the news was not as good.

OK, I will stop the biblical references, but in all honestly, I am relieved. I am foggy on why the deal fell through, and quite frankly at this my ignorance is bliss, but at the moment it appears all is well and safe with our one and only Ricky Kaka…

Brace yourselves for the grief that lies ahead, from our near and dear Uncle Fester, claiming poverty, but for now enjoy some more…