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Let's Talk a Little Tactics

I know tactics is never the hottest or most favorite topic, but for many of us it sparks a good discussion but also shows off the incredible of knowledge you hold on the subject as well. Considering Milan’s hot and cold performances as of late and the injuries (Rino & Borriello) and the additions (Becks), there is no better time to discuss the potential use of squads and formations in the second half of the season.

Unlike Carletto, when I consider formations or tactics for the Rossoneri I actually have a system which I employ that works a like those choose your adventure books you may frequented as a child. The single hinging factor on my determination is the number of fit strikers so we start with that:

One Fit Striker

This is where you are left with the XMAS tree, the preference is that the fit striker is either Pato or Borriello because god bless Sheva and Pippo for all the memories but they are no longer viable as the lone up top, or let alone a duo as we will discuss later. Now that you have single striker the next step is to determine if in fact Pirlo is fit as well. If Pirlo is fit than the lineup begins to take ship with Pato in the striking position, Kaka and Dinho behind him, and a midfield line made up of Ambro, Seedorf, Flamini, Emerson, Becks, and now even Janks. If Dinho or Kaka are unfit then you can advance Becks or Seedorf up the line and create a central or wide right dimension depending on the player chosen for the move forward. What was beginning to look like a puzzling move for Becks begins to make more and more sense as you explore the possibilities.

This opens the possibility of resting Kaka, Dinho, or Pirlo at any given game depending on the circumstances, while still maintaining the potential for a strong attacking core of the squad. However it is imperative that Ambrosini, Flamini, or even Janks make up one of the midfield places to be sure to have the extra body to recover and assistant the defense in the absence of Rino Gattuso. By employing this type of system, depending on the winning eleven on the pitch Carletto can attack the wingbacks or maintain them in an effort to counter any strong attacking or defensive style of the opponents. What scares me lately is Carletto’s inability to diagnose situations and make appropriate changes to the squad to accommodate; adding an extra striker with a one goal lead was both shameful and embarrassing and quite honestly cost the team first in the group.


If two strikers are fit Carletto can then employ my favorite diamond midfield. The diamond midfield is versatile considering Milan’s personnel and can be employed in both an attacking and defensive variation. Depending on the strikers, any two will do, as long as it isn’t Pippo and Sheva, to much offside not enough onside with that tag team, Carletto can play his midfield accordingly. If Borriello and Pato are in there, a few players can be played effectively in the top of the diamond specifically Kaka, Dinho, or even Seedorf. The preferable player here is Kaka, but again depending on fitness and circumstance this can change throughout the season and the game. Dinho or Becks can add attack on either flank while Pirlo can play in a more preferred deeper role and be aided by Ambrosini and Flamini should the match require ball winning and dominance in possession.

I know on paper and in discussion this sounds quite simple, and these easy circumstances are not always the case, but with the right plan and the right personnel on game in and game out I really believe Milan can push the top of table, but I am afraid the scudetto may still be too far out of reach. Defensively this is not as easy because players are not fit and the lack of depth is alarming, but adding youth such as Darmian and Antonini with the right partners gives the added benefit of seasoning these players while adding depth and pace to a backline that is in desperate need of both. The January which I will cover in the next few days may bring a defender, but with the track record of the last few who have joined the squad it may better to get help from within, then from outside.