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Milan 1 Fiorentina 0

I did something for the first time this weekend, which I have not done in my entire life. I took an entire 24 hours off from AC Milan. We all know it has been a bit of a trying week to be an AC Milan fan, the Roma draw, the Kaka rumors, and the ridiculous response from the Milan brass, but for one day I just wanted some serenity and alone time from all the madness. It didn’t last long, as I started working on this post because no matter how much I want some isolation from the madness, it is impossible to not run all the scenarios through my head.

Saturday Milan took three points from the Viola, who looked a bit hollow compared to their world beating form from last season. The points were a necessity for both teams and for once Milan took all three when they were needed most. As most of wins from earlier this season, it was not the prettiest football, but it got the job done considering the circumstances Pato’s brilliance continues as he scored a sweet goal in the 7th minute and the rest was a good blend of possession football and a bend not break attitude on defense.

Despite the goal, it was Abbiati who takes home MOTM honors for me. When called upon he made the big saves, and when he was really needed he made the even bigger ones, specifically the point blank save on Santana. If many of you skeptics are not yet convinced on the Milan GK, just consider the loss of two points if he doesn’t make save, and then reconsider Dida in a match likes this one. I think I have made my point, I am happy to have Abbiati back, and I am happier to have him going forward.

Defensively, the squad absorbed pressure, but played well, even Beckham got his hands dirty on defense, Dinho take notice. The Viola tifosi were treated to the infamous Gilardino vanishing act at the San Siro, but it didn’t take much to tell that the team is not quite right at the moment. Mutu was surely missed, but this team has lost the attacking form that it had when Gilardino was reborn. As I said earlier, a win is a win, and when the clubs in front of you drop points, the points are even sweeter. Not sure what ails Inter, but I hope it is a long entrenched funk.

Now without further ado, I will talk about Kaka. My cousin in the boot, who lives close to Naples made the ten hour trip to the San Siro for the match, his reasoning, he couldn’t let Kaka go without seeing him one last time. That struck me, and though I haven’t talked to him yet, I am sure tomorrow morning I will find and email telling me about the match but all the emotions surrounding it. If you want my honest opinion, I don’t think this deal goes through, something just isn’t right about it, but as I have been saying, only time will play with this out.

I don’t want to talk about it that much more at this point, and the fact is when the post goes up, we may have more news, but who knows? What I do want to mention is Uncle Fester’s hit out at the Milan fans and calling them ungrateful. This is claim is so absurd it boils my blood from head to toe. This moron is claiming that WE are ungrateful and that we need to have more respect for the club!? No offense dumbass but if anyone should be calling for respect it is the tifosi. Fester is as close as he has ever come to nose diving this team for his own reasons. I ask a simple question Mr. Galliani, what have you done recently to deserve our respect? What is the purchase of Ronaldo last year? Was it the courtship of Dinho when we needed a defender and a striker? What is the Beckham deal? Is it the potential sale of Kaka!? You my friend are an idiot, and one day you may deserve respect, but until then you are scum. The fans are bigger than you and you owe A LOT to each and everyone, remember that you idiot, because clearly you have lost the plan…

Let me remind you of when you earned our respect…