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Maldini Monday

Jape the Ape...

I would have to say that one of my favorite Maldini moments was the entire win in Japan 07′against Boca J. for the club world cup … I was in awe just watching Il Capitano!!!
and it was a great finish to a tremendous year for the Rossoneri. I have watched the game twice since then and am still amazed at what a world class player Maldini still is even this year at his age keeping up with the youngbucks!

If anyone has seen the Maldini Il Film you know at the end his peers, coaches, and friends all reminisce about the greatest defender to ever walk the Earth, this is your chance to do the same. Milan fan, Paolo fan, hell even Inter fans you are welcome to share your memories at and you too will get your time in the sun to honor Maldini.