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Tuesday Milan Musings: The 2nd Viewing

After the second and part of a third viewing the only word that really comes to mind is disorganized. Let me say this first, the team showed a ton of ability yesterday to attack and to maintain possession but to be satisfied with yesterday’s performance is like being from Milan and settling to be an Inter fan instead of rooting for Milan.

The disorganized started early with Carletto choosing to field four defenders, out of necessity mind you, who had worked very little together in the preseason. He also opted for an xmas tree with Pippo as the star because Pato is well still young, and Sheva has just returned. I just hope this doesn’t become when Borriello is back and healthy, he is and should be the first choice man for the top of the formation.

Believe it or not at one point last night Milan had two strikers on the pitch and only three defenders. I know it is hard to believe, but when Ancelotti should have pushed the issue and go for the jugular he seemed to second guess himself, and furthered the issue by removing the one man who did it all for Milan on Sunday, Ambro, and added the single man who has absolutely done nothing for Milan, Emerson.

Speaking of Ambro, I know that many of you believed that Dinho was the man of the match and he certainly deserved honorable mention, I will admit that, but it was Ambrosini who was the most valuable person on the pitch. He won countless fifty fifty balls, he scored Milans only goal, and tracked back when Janks was in the attack. Dinho played well, but looked lazy, without Ambrosini it would have probably been 2-nil.

Onto Dinho, his flashes of brilliance were ever-present, and as a fan of good football I can’t wait to see him continue on this pace, but he still has a way to go. The continuing of runs to the goal, and the movement across the box needs to come back, I know he is capable of it, and it seems like he wants to do it, but he will have continue to find match fitness. Again as a fan here, if he does, things will be fun to watch…

Lastly, the lack of finishing in this squad yesterday was awful. I can not even count the number of chances that were botched but none stick out more than Sheva’s missed sitter in the 55th minute. I know he hasn’t played in what seems likes years, but that goal yesterday would have changed the game, and would have gone a long way in the eyes of the tifosi. Pippo was not all that fantastic either, and Pato is still showing his lack of experience. How long before Borriello is ready? If he can get on the end of the passes it is hard to not give him something like 20 goals on the season.

The one thing that softens this blow a bit is the fact that Juve, Inter, Roma, Napoli, Samp, and Fiorentina all drew, so the gap is small. The other nice thing is the fact that after watching a few of these games, the style, pace, and flair of Milan’s play was better than most. Now if we can get some luck, and maybe points at home this team should be able to move forward with a positive outlook.

Oh yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Duck…