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Maldini Monday

Watching Paolo in what would be his last Serie A home derby today was a special treat. What made the moment even better was the fact that Milan was able to come away with the win, with Il Capitano contributing to a great victory. Time and time and again we saw him push Zlatan, Quaresma, Mancini, and Adriano to the brinks of frustration which reminded us all the while that this man, at in his forties, still has the ability to mark some of the best strikers in Serie A. Even as his career comes to a close it makes me smile knowing that even on his last legs he can lead the team to victory and play to make difference no matter who the opponent. Yesterday was a spectacular win for Milan, Carletto, Ol' Sil, and most importantly for Paolo Maldini. With performance like this you have to believe that deep down inside he really wants to go a winner.