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Thursday Milan Musings

Well there is a lot to recap from the week so best get down to business…

-Milan won the Trofeo TIM and though I don’t want to look all that much into a pre-season tournament I will say it was nice to the boys in action and smiling. I have not seen smiles like the ones I saw a few days ago, since Pato’s first game and the thrashing of Napoli. It is nice to see joy on the player’s faces and I can only hope it continues into the season as well. In the words of Eric Cantona, “If you find joy in football, then you will play beautiful.” Throw in some silverware and that is what we are all looking for.

-Speaking again of the Trofeo TIM, Abbiati was Man of the Tourney, and is making a very strong case for grabbing and holding onto the GK spot. At this point is there anyone that can argue? With the emergence of Abbiati and the performance of Kalac in the final stages of last season, Nelson Dida has become even more expendable, and even more un-sellable. His wages on his contract signed last season are high, and the likelihood of someone wanting to pay that is not very good. It looks Fester is going to get burned on this one. Maybe a loan so the bum earns his money?

-Speaking of loans, Paloschi will not be going on one just yet. A rash of striker injuries hitting both Borriello and Pippo leaves Milan thin in the striker department once again, and means Paloschi will be thrust once again into the spotlight. This is fine for the time being, but if it means Paloschi getting playing over the course of the season, it may be beneficial if he does in fact go out on loan like Boriello before him.

-At the moment the club is in a bit of injury slide with both Borriello and Flamini taking knocks, an even though I have called for the firing of the Milanello staff. It is important to note that over the years Milan have enjoyed long stints of healthy player as well as longevity for players like Paola, Cafu, Serginho, and so on. Milan have always been able to squeeze the best out of players over 30 and Milanello is truly a testament to that success.

-Just when we though Fester had forgotten how to buy young players, he goes and gets an 18 year old Uruguayan player by the name of Tabare Viudez. The youngster is listed as a midfielder however he can play defense and he may very well play a part this season if he stays with the big club, or just below in the youth squad. It is uncertain at the moment what his role but Carletto has said he will play when he arrives to make that determination. Milan have also secured a loan for a second Uruguayan youngster in Cardacio who is seen scoring a goal here.

Cardacio is a CM who may prove a great pickup or another floater like Gourcuff, again only time will tell here.

-Milan showed little to no interest in RB Ferrari of Roma, but has made some noise regarding defender Ivanovic from Chelsea. It is unlikely that Ivanovic will actually arrive during the transfer window, but it is comforting to know that Milan are shopping for defensive help. Be it for now or the future.

-AC Milan Channel did a spot on the Champions League today chronicling the fact that in the last twenty years no club has even come to close to what Milan has accomplished on the Europe stage. Enjoy it, because it never gets old.

Sorry for the lack of photos in the posts in the coming days, but I am having some techinical difficulites.