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Rounding up the Targets...

These are players who played in the group stage of Euro 08 that we have discussed as real or wishful transfer rumors…

Benzema: Still young which doesn’t jive well with Professor Domenech. When he did play however he didn’t really impress me all that much. No offense to the French Ligue but success their does not always instantly translate into big game success internationally, Benzema will come along but as for a move to Milan I don’t really see it in the cards. Arsenal is my bet and if that is the case this kid will shine.

Boruc: The Polish GK was a beast against Austria, but Milan has already deemed him out of their price range. A new GK will come but probably not this transfer season, Boruc is still young though and will certainly remain on Fester’s radar for sometime to come.

Gomez: For me, forget Gomez, and focus on Podolski. Gomez was a complete failure in the first round in my book. If anyone is going to leave Germany to come AC Milan that man should be Podolski. I find this move a bit of a stretch because Klinsmann loves his Germans and I expect Podolski to get a fair shake in Bayern with the man that made him a star in WC06.

Ibra: I still have a nagging feeling that Ibra and “The Special One” will not get along on the dark side of town meaning there is no reason why a legit bid can’t be placed for the giant Swede. I know he is a bit of a controversial character at times but his hybrid abilites make him a perfect partner alongside Kaka and behind the star striker in the Xmas tree formation.

Veloso: Young and not typically considered in Scolari’s winning eleven he would make a nice addition to Milan for depth in the destroying midfield role. Already had CL experience and it will only be a matter time before he is fighting Fernando Meira for a place in the Portuguese eleven. Reminds a bit of Ambro with a bit more touch and offensive ability and if Milan is looking for youth this a great place to start.

Villa: I have talked about this guy in the past, and many of you have as well. His time at Valencia is coming to a close and he is probably craving big club football. This tournament has proved as showcase and testament to his ability and one can imagine that each goal he nets is raising his transfer fee. Much like Ibra his hybrid abilities make him very versatile and attractive as a striker, or in a more retreated role. His age is a perfect fit for Milan blending experience with exuberance. I would gladly welcome him over any other striker in the sights of Fester, even my main my DDrogs, yes I SAID IT.